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Safari Magazine | November 2011 Issue | Views And Reviews

The November 2011 issue of the Science magazine Safari hit the market and we are also curious to see what this 52 page issue contains within…

This issue #45 is having the blue background glossy cover page, having a photo of a giant roller-coaster telling that the central article within is exploring the scary-science behind the thrill!!

For Your Information

Noise pollution is not a new word now a days. We all feel the irritating noises almost throughout the day including but not limited to sound of vehicles, fire crackers, parties, concerts and much more. There are a lot of mental and physical disorder takes place into the people who is facing it more. Not only, we humans are facing the problems but also the other species also got hurt from the same. An article titled “Noise Pollution from ships: Killing whales and dolphins” discusses the stuff in a whole page. Some examples are really interesting Eg. the connection between an exercise carried out by the US Naval ships in the Atlantic Ocean and the the death of 16 whales near Bahamas (island)!

A unique wonder situated in the USA, a hot-water-geyser is known since around 140 years. It is named as Old Faithful which lives upto its name! It always erupts at a specific point of time without any delay precisely!! Know more about this unique its own way natural wonder in a full page article about the same.


Since we were in our early childhood, we were taught regularly to have some healthy habits. Washing the hands before eating something, wash the fruit, vegetables etc before using them, are some of them. But “Are we the only animals who wash our food?” the answer is “No”!!! A two page article about Macaques, the monkeys of Japan’s Koshima Islands, who are very hygienic explores the fact. They wash their food before consuming it. Who taught them to do so? A zoology related informative article by Samarth Vyas, explored the stuff interestingly.

Mobile phone is not a luxury item any more. It is now a kind of necessity which sometimes can be live up to addiction! Everyone (almost) is having a mobile phone now a days but choosing the right handset based on your actual requirement is no child’s play. An article titled “Top ten tips for choosing a right mobile phone” spread over 6 pages is written nicely by Samarth Vyas and having some informative pictures also. This article not only covers the history of the phone and explain the jargons like GSM, CDMA etc. but also provides a lot more buying tips too! The main points to consider are

  • Should one go for the basic model of mobile phone?
  • Wireless standard
  • Battery life
  • Screen display
  • Camera
  • Keypad
  • Connectivity
  • Multimedia features
  • 2G or 3G?
  • Price

Read the detailed article before you go shopping your next handset.

The largest telescope of the world is under construction in China. Once it will be functional it will allow astronomers to detect galaxies and neutron stars at very far distances. Read an article providing breif bio-data of this under construction radio-telescope to know more about the same.

Most of the people enjoy riding roller-coasters. The amusement parks thats why have them. With the time, the construction of the roller-coaster changed a lot. In order to provide something unique, making the ride even more thrilling and breathtaking, the roller-coaster goes different in shape, huge in size, more dangerous (with more safety precautions, of course) in ride. While enjoying it you must be aware of its effects on Human body. A 4 page detailed article provide this information.

A 4 page article by D. N. Kaushik titled “Incredible flying machines of the insect World” explores the statistical and scientific facts about the flying capacity by fuel economy and weight taking limits etc.. by various insects. When you complete reading the article you will be sue that No matter how much the science of aerodynamics advances, when it comes to maneuverability, tiny flying machines of the insects world will beat even the most modern aircraft!

On the occasion of celebrating silver-jubilee of motor car race of Solar Cars, the fast facts segment discuss the record, the science of the solar car etc. with nice graphics.

Photoshopping… mostly heard about in wrong manner. Spoofing celebrity photos or showing person at different location are the main reson people hear about the same. National geographic – magazine known for the authentic stuff it brings to the people also photoshopped its cover to show two Egyptian pyramids near each other while they are quite away! Such incidents damage the authenticity of Photo Journalism. A detailed article about the same is interesting read. There are some remarkable number of photographs inclded in the article which are adding to the information.

Fact Finder (Q & A)
This section answers some interesting questions like

  • Is it possible to ascertain directions from wrist watch like one does from compass?
  • Why does one unconsciously speak louder than normal when wearing headphones?
  • Is Indian Railway supplied fuel for its diesel locomotives at the market rate or at the concessional rate?
  • What will happen if the motor car having petrol engine is refueled with diesel by mistake?
  • On milling maize (corn) we get maize flour then how is corn oil delivered?
  • If a person ants to go up in the air on a balloon how much helium will be required for the necessary buoyancy?
  • Which is the remotest inhabited island? How far is it from the nearest human habitation?
  • What is the highest altitude above the sea level at which a helicopter can fly?
  • In spite having more than double the relative density of iron, why is gold so easily malleable whereas iron is so rigid?
  • Some time ago the remote sensing satellite of ISRO had detected farms in five different States where opium was cultivated illegally. Does the law of our land permit legal cultivation of opium?

The Super Quiz section with 15 interesting question and their answers is also quite interesting.

There is no life without the joy. A page full with Gags is there; no worries!!!

And the last but not lease important is the article exploring “All about Coral Reefs“.

A nice magazine, worth reading, more information compared to the cost… is the final verdict!

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