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Safari Magazine | May 2012 Issue | Views And Reviews

Not only the creation but the demolition also attracts us! It is a bizarre (but) truth. Since we got senses we tried to find out the doom’s day details. Well, we all know that the ultimate fact is the end (for anything) and that is what (we think) leads us to find out more about the same. If you concentrate only on the major news headlines of the last decade or so, the stories about the possible “the end of the Earth” seen mentioned more often. Well, we didn’t forget that we are posting this to “Safari Magazine May 2012 issue – Reviews” ! The cover page of the issue suggests that the central article “10 ways the Earth would end” is there as the read. The glowing angry and dark colors are making the cover page different. But as soon as you turn it, the inside front cover page give you a cool look of “Germany’s Grand Canyon”. A nice photograph.

For Your Information section:

We are aware with parrots and we see them around us in our routine life right? Well, it is said that there are around 350 (known) species of Parrots but what we see in India around us belongs to the genes of Parakeets, not parrots. An article named “Rose-ringed parakeets: Posing threat to native birds of Britain” brings a lot of stuff to the front.

How much is the life of a paper? Well, if cared much then also not more than a few years right? We still possess some of the documents which are more than a few hundred years which are written rather on a different media. They are the stone writings, found in various sculpture forms and on cave walls etc. As stones have a longer life we still have access to the information provided by the human ancestors. Now the question arise, what about the vast information we have and how we are planning to pass it to the generation coming after a remarkable time!? There are various ideas and languages being tested for that. An article titled “Digital genome: The secured way to safeguard dying data formats” can explore more details.

The rising of the sea-level may not be an issue for those who do not leave at the coastal area. The people living near the shores can experience it more clearly (of course the process is much slower to experience). Several islands are seeing their last days (or probably months or years, but the countdown begun) including Kiribati Islands. A small half page article gives briefing of the same.

Sushil Bhatia brings us the themed article of the issue “10 ways the Earth could end”. It is not based on any prophecy or a calendar but rather a scientific study based on the factual data. We are just skipping the details (or even briefs) about all the 10 reasons mentioned with details and illustrations, to keep your interest intact when you go read the issue.

Vampires fascinates humankind (or at least a part of it)! The proofs, the famous Dracula tales, the Twilight Saga (books and movies) and other number of books and movies met to its success. There are vampires, who lives their life their way. In the dark night they visit the villages near by to find cattle and horses found in various stables there, and drew their blood as the food! Well sometimes humans are also their victims. The four page article about the Vampire bats is exploring the details with facts and illustrated pictures by putting aside the superstitions. There is a picture of a vampire bat sucking blood from a pig’s body!

Hybrid images: There is more than meets the eye is an article focusing of image superimposing. Actually it is all about how our brain evaluates the data it receives via our eyes. In addition to read this in-depth article, we recommend you to visit this site: http://cvcl.mit.edu/aude.htm (Aude Oliva is the Principal Investigator, CSAIL at MIT Computer Vision & Graphics Group. She also seves as Associate Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences and plays her roles as the Investigator at Athinoula A. Martinos Imaging Center). A not to miss article.

In the fast facts section Harshal Pushkarna brings in the information about the Akash Missile. Akash is capable to destroy fighter aircraft, maneuver UAVs, cruise missiles and even the missiles launched from Helicopters. Read the details to know more about the same.

The movie “The March of the Penguins” was an instant hit. Actually the winter of South Pole is bitter than we imagine. It proves a testing time for the Penguins also. They only need not to survive but take care of their eggs and keep them safe so the new generation can come to existence. Doing all this in the unfavorable climate is a challenge in itself. An article spread over six pages explores the stuff very well and the pictures are simply an aid to the article.

Are we head back to square one (in the vehicles world)?! The decreasing amount of fuel and the increasing need of exercise due to the modern life styles and the traffic problems all together with some other factors, seems bringing back the era of the pedal-powered-car. Of course battle with the pollution is also one of the reasons. A three page article about the pedal-powered-car is a good read.

The Q/A section have the following questions answered:

  • Which birds have the most and least feathers?
  • Who were medieval alchmists? Did they have magical powers to form gold out of cheaper metals?
  • Armoured tanks have played a major part in all significant land battles. Who invented this fighting machine?
  • Which is the most unusual language in the world?
  • Why horsepower is calculated on the basis of horse’s physical strength and not that of any other animal?
  • What was the first disease conqured by human beings?
  • What was the worst industrial accident in the world history?
  • How many kilometres make one light-year?
  • Why do air travellers experience jet lag after a long-haul flight? Are there any preventive or remedial measures one may take?

In addition the Super quiz section is there with 11 facts about “Animals at War”.

And last but not the least important is the article titled “Star:Birth and Death”. well the name of the article says it all.

Final verdict: It is a knowledge oriented magazine which not only implants but also improves the scientific approach towards the stuff. Much more important read.

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