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Reader’s Digest India | October 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

We got the subscriber’s copy of Reader’s Digest magazine (India Edition) very late for October 2013 issue. We have almost lost hope to receive it, but got it finally to our amazement. Though we do not blame RD team for the same, as in past also we experienced the same, and November 2013 issue is reached quite on time. Here are our personal informative reviews for the October issue.

The wallet with credit and debit cards – on the cover page, caught our attention, and we found that there is an article about – Honesty – in the issue. Actually they “lost” 192 wallets in 16 cities to see how people reacts to the same. It is a kind of practical test cum survey and we are curious to see the results inside. Though we agree that the it all depends upon the ethics of the Individual who got the lost property, but we will have go by average here. It also makes us to remind a similar AD we found on TV in recent days. Where a taxi-driver found a mobile in his taxi (of course, belongs to a passenger, who left it), who first think of keeping it but later decide to give it back to the lady it brings. Such human qualities makes us human. And we appreciate the real humans.

The editorial this time is dedicated to the cover story in major part. It is good to read the childhood memories of the editor, a lot of us might have similar ones. Reading about the survey RD team took in 1997 and 2007 is interesting as well.

The reader’s reactions are interesting, especially about Mr. Mangelal Sharma’s article related to Mutual Fund. People’s complain about banks and how they trick customers are genuine, eye-opener and worrying at the same time. Sometimes the bank staff member do the same in order to achieve their targets (and to save their jobs). But anyway wrong is wrong, and to play with hard earned money of someone cannot be overlooked.

The here and now section brings some information which you can be dilemma to categorize as bizarre or interesting! There are plans to have beauty pageants for newborns!

Shaji Thomas Varughese brings us the tale of his real life hero – his mother. A real story which is a must read.

A. L. Kennedy feels that the kindles will never beat proper books. Well it is her opinion which is presented interestingly. What you think?

Kindness of strangers – is one of our favorite segments in RD, as it brings real incidents to light where the human qualities are explored. These real heroes, who help others, makes the society a better place to live at. A must read segment.

There are times when we are so used to with some stuff that we don’t wonder or even raise a curiosity about the same. For example, clothespin. Do you know who invented it? Well, the chance of the answer – No – is majority. But such things makes our lives easier without a doubt. A small yet informative article.

The Three Faces Of Salma – is the tale of a Tamil poet. She had to swim against odds to become what she is. Her courage and determination helped her being what she is. An inspirational journey, a must read for those who keeps complaining even after enjoying an easy life.

Outrageous – an open photo editorial – bring in about vaccination this time. Actually getting vaccine shots at the right time is birth-right of a child (or it should be). There are a lot of children deprived of the same, which resulted into lifelong problems for them. Eye opener.

Danger in the deep blue sea – is story of Max Young who was – kind of buried – in the deep sea. It was his will and luck which helped him to survive. A stranger than the fiction stuff, good read.

It is said that the romantics have Paris, adventure lovers has Mr. Everest and the shoppers have the Mall Of American. What makes the saying? There is a detailed article with photographs about this mall and its features. Of course, your pockets must be heavier and dying to get empty if you want to do a lot of shopping there. You may want to hide this article from… you understand it right? 🙂

Science of Awkward comments – not only talks about awkward comment but also about genuine opinions and way to represent the same. The following are the points discussed inside:

  • How to get an honest answer?
  • How to frame criticism?
  • How to thrive at a party?
  • How to accept a compliment?
  • How to apologize?
  • How to doll out praise?
  • How to persuade others?

A good read indeed.

Collared – is an interesting thrilling tale, which thriller lovers will enjoy for sure.

The following 6 medication theories discussed in article (I remember the editor mentioned in an editorial, the amount of efforts they need to put on, before publishing a medical world related stuff, making us to think it more researched and genuine).

  • Gluten issues are caused by C-sections!
  • Depression is an inflammatory disorder!
  • Your wrinkles predict fragile bone!
  • Electricity is making us sick and fat!
  • Obesity is caused by a virus!
  • The herpes virus causes Alzheimer’s!

The article also lists the following controversial theories which turned out to be true.

  • Aspirin lowers heart attack risk
  • Radiation can be harmful
  • Bacteria produce ulcers
  • Smoking gives you lung cancer
  • A virus causes cervical cancer

Playing God with the climate – is environment oriented article. A good read.

Overall a good issue to get informed about medical world related stuff which actually affect your health.

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