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Reader’s Digest India | November 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

November 2013 issue of Reader’s Digest – India edition is quite on time. We have got the subscriber’s copy on 1st of November, which is very accurate in terms of schedule. Here are our informative reviews for the same.

People are getting more and more health conscious these days. (At least we feel that, otherwise, people are health conscious since the beginning, but the availability of proven knowledge at ease, makes them to implement the same quite easily).

The editorial reflects the editor’s call back to the very first issue of RD published with a health article.

Reader’s reactions – are found always interesting. From a past issue they liked the combination of fun-n-learn stuff. Which actually we do like as well. Learning should not feel like a burden and should be enjoyable – this is the universal feeling. The reader’s reaction explores the role played by teachers in their lives are interesting, emotional and inspirational.

Here and there section brings some interesting information like the existence of a website futureme.org.

Dr. Dayal talks about – How to deal about Nightmares? An article which may interest only those who suffer with bad dreams.

Joni Rodgers – the author of bestselling book – Bald in the Land of Big Hair: A True Story – bring his true story, which is quite interesting. The tale is named as – man in the crowd – I met my match during my travels. Would I ever see him again?

There is an interview with Sophia Loren – the actress. We expected it to be even more interesting than it is.

The – Outrageous! – open photo editorial – brings a dangerous issue in front. It is about the sex between two lovers and in case if the relationship got sour later, and if the girl/lady accuse the man for raping her. Technically, the things go against the man as the law and its interpretation is quite stubborn here. Rape is definitely and unforgivable crime and so does accusing someone falsely for the same! You gotta read it.

Michael Yoshikami – brings a small article telling – Greed is good – important is how it is employed.

Adapted from a health journal – 12 healing foods article briefs about both veg and non-veg options. It could have been a detailed article.

People think more about obesity now a days. There is an article titled – what makes us fat – and we are sure that the title of the same will make a lot of readers go reading the same. Ditto for – world’s best kept health secrets. Actually the articles and advertises are integrated so closely that the reader must use his senses to read them apart.

There are several things we use in our day to day life without knowing much about the same, and in most cases we are not curious enough even to know more. Shopping cart – do you know who invented it? Read a small article inside.

There another similar article about the science behind 6 interestingly simple things. It is also a good read.

Real life drama – brings this time the story of – Simon. It seem a dream day for paragliding when started, but it went wrong when he landed in a mine land accidentally! Of course, he survived, but not without injuries. Now he is dreaming to fly again – what a courageous man! An inspirational article – must read.

Hello Goodbye – is an interesting read about three meetings! Yes, but they are between celebrities and politicians – making it more interesting to read (as we all love to read about them both!).

  • Elvis Presley And U.S. President Nixon
  • Michael Jackson And U. S. President Regan
  • Marilyn Monroe And Soviet Premier, Nikita Khrushchev

There is an article about – Tinnitus, a problem related to ears. The article will found interesting only by people affected with the same.

Green is go – is about future cars, which tends to be more environment friendly. Not very detailed article.

A father can go the any extend for his children. Justice for my daughter – is inspirational real story of Andre Bamberski who run a quest for about 30 years to find the real reasons behind his daughter’s death. Such bravery tales makes us think that some such incidents shown in film are not filmy, but borrowed from real life. Kudos to Andre.

Overall a good mixture of articles from various genre, which gives value for money.

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