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Reader’s Digest India | March 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

March 2013 issue of Reader’s Digest – India edition is out a little longer but we gotta get it late to review the same. The cover page of the same interesting enough for anyone to have it – as it states that there is an article about – secrets of self-made millionaires. Seems interesting enough right? Let us dig a little deeper into the content of the issue.

I often feel that when we are fascinated with the success stories and its results, we often forget to look at the hard work, determination and struggle behind that. When seeing a large monument, we often see the top most point of the same as the achievement which is of course correct, but we do forget the strong foundation which is somewhere deep inside and out of reach to the naked eyes. So, when reading the editorial and when I found the editor mentioned that the cover page article is not going to talk about making money but it rather focus on the facts about the achievers who overcome the hardships and reach to the top by passing all the odds against it – it make me to think that, yes, this could be a different article, and it must be read.

The react section discusses the reader’s reactions about the past issues. People have expressed their views about what is better – being single or being married – and I feel that it is very personal stuff and the experience of one doesn’t surely be similar to that of other. So let us not discuss that. The last reaction in this section is quite interesting and shocking. We know that we need to help those who need it. But, we even see people misusing the generosity of others as well. So I think it should be we need to help those who deserves it, and of course, there is no way to know that if someone actually deserves it, you have to rely on the information you have and follow your instincts. We would like to hear your thoughts about the same…

Here and now – section brings us the briefing about the following books. All the books fall in self-help category and themed on reading-writing stuff.

  • How to read a book.
  • Neurosis is a painful style of living.
  • Parent effectiveness training.
  • The art of readable writing.

This time, in, in my opinion – section the article by Fareed Zakaria is taken from the Harvard Gazette. The central thought of the article is of course there are a lot of bad news around us, but not everything is bad. If you try to look in, you will surely find some Good also in the Bad. The article tries to convey that we are living in probably the best times. On the contrary the next article in – Mind – section, Dr. Dayal explores the facts about the changing work culture. Now a days, there are certain positions where employees are asked to answer the customer calls and Emails 24X7. This is stressful for the employee of course. They had to more rely on fast food and there is no specific routine can be arranged. It causes a lot of adverse effects. So, what you think?

A Siri-us disconnect, is the article about another fact and boon of the current time which may lead to be bane. We are so much attached to our smartphones that we forget to hangout with the real people. We see that at the gatherings people are often looking more to their phones in stead of interacting with each other, which is definitely not a good practice at all.

Kindness of strangers – brings in the story titled – Heaven at the bus stop. We like this segment as it brings in the good news, it focuses on the good and most importantly the human qualities making us to think that the world is really a good place with good people around us.

The main article – the secrets of self-made millionaires – is worth a read. It brings us the fact the most of them are not spending when it is not needed. For example Mr. Murty (Infosys) and Mr. Premji (Wipro) often travels in economy class and Mr. Warren Buffet lives in the same old home he was used to live. But on the contrary they all are giving a lot of money in charity. So it is important to decide what is necessary and what is not, where to spend and where to not. And, in addition to earn for self it is necessary to be helpful to those who need it. These great qualities make them stand out.

Eiffel tower – fondly known as the iron lady of Paris is definitely one of most desired place to visit for most of us. Maintaining such great monuments which are always crowded requires very much efforts and a responsible approach. Lisa Fitterman’s article about the same with added photographs gives us the glimpses of some of the less known stuff about this tower and its maintenance.

Janny Scott brings us an article titled – Raising Obama – it brings us the factual information about raising of Barack Obama by Stanley Ann Dunham. Obama himself credits her as the best in him. The foundation plays a vital role in the significantly great monument, it is correct about a person’s life as well. You gotta read it.

Do you know that “Snow White” turned 75? Before many year when Walt Disney was thinking to make the cartoons appear people were making fun of him. And today there is entire legacy of Disney available to us. Danny Scott brings in an informative article about these lovely figures – which you will definitely love reading.

How good is your shopper’s maths? is a really informative article which brings us the human psychology facts, especially about shopping and consumerism. The points discussed are:

  • We love getting more of anything.
  • We are heavily influenced by the first price we see.
  • We shy away from high and low prices.
  • We know the bargain when we think we see one.
  • If we can see it, we want it.
  • We let our emotions get better of us.

and a few more…

Brian Borowski lives in Ontario, Canada. He is farm boy who born blind. So he has to concentrate on the sounds to get the best idea of the surroundings and make any judgement for the next step. There is an article focusing on the science of echolocation. Read more about the same inside the article.

I remember is what Madhur Jaffrey – a noted cooking expert, finds when she is looking back to her journey in the world so far. How to befriend your Mother-in-law, is the article which brings you the tips and info which may help you being more social (especially to your mother-in-law).

Do you know that Aviator sunglasses were made to test the eyes of the pilot? and now they became a style statement. Read more about the same in a related article.

There is so much written about Mary Kom, which she well deserve. She raises the kids (which all are not her own) and when she prepares her self for Olympics. She is an example of determination and hard work definitely lead you to the success you deserve. There is a bio-pic announced on her by Bollywood – possibly starring Priyanka Chopra as the protagonist. Read more details about this lady in an article focused on her.

A small article about the breast cancer will help you to get truth about some of the myths about the same.

When I fell from the sky – is the true story of a 17 year old girl who fell into Amazonian rain forests and survived tell her tale. Really, truth is stranger than the fiction – sometimes.

In addition there are regular sections available to read, making the issue worth reading.

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