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Reader’s Digest India | January 2014 Issue | Magazine Reviews

The new year is started fantastically for us, as we got the Reader’s Digest magazine (India Edition)’s January 2014 issue got perfectly on time. Yes, the subscription copy is reached us on 1st January 2014, and we are happy with the same 🙂

As it is the first issue of the new year 2014, we are quite hopeful to get some inspirational articles, some new year resolution related stuff and more. Let us dig deeper into the content of the magazine to see what it has to offer us.

Mohan Sivanand comes with words of wisdom and reality about money in the editorial. (We also noticed that his photograph is also changed.) Whatever he mentioned is truth. Earning money with ethical ways, hard work and smart decisions over a period of 25-35 years of career makes one to earn modest amount of money; but managing them in proper ways is even important. You gotta read the editorial.

The most interesting line in the – React – section is, the environment should be so that a rape victim should not fear of anything when complaining about the same. It is true. Actually, the healthy environment is what we deserve in the society and it is our responsibility to develop so.

In here & now section you will find some interesting information and one of them is about a volvo car with solar car charger.

The following books are reviewed in this issue

The Maul and the Pear Tree: The Ratcliffe Highway Murders by ,

The Little Friend by

Asta’s Book by

Laughter – section contains a joke which actually is a satirical take on bitter truth.

Burning the memories – is a tale which is not just about an incident but it is about the memories, their effect and burden. It is quite emotional read which could have been better.

The kindness of strangers – section now became – Heroes – Happy to help. It is about real humans with the attributes of real humanity and it is a fantastic read.

Sebastian Vettel is the next phenomenon by Michael Shoemaker in the world of speed (car race). In – Up Close – section he talks about his family, friends, feeling and other personal stuff. It is one of the nice interviews we got to read. Though we feel it is quite short. (The speedy man in hurry to finish it 🙂 )

The themed article of this issue is titled as 25 Things Rich People Won’t Tell You. Well this title is good enough to catch attention on the cover page. And we can guess that the article brings us some money management tips. The details are good to read inside the magazine though you should concentrate on the following factors while choosing your financial goals:

  • Retirement
  • Emergency Fund
  • Vacation
  • Education
  • Home Improvement

One good read in the magazine is about women and their money literacy. Women are nowhere secondary in modern world. But, even today also, a majority of them leaves the money matter in the man-hands. It would be more beneficial to them to be expert in money management factors also. Actually, if explored correctly, women have better tactics to manage money as housewife. They used to manage a lot of tasks with a limited amount of money. It simply needs their skills to be sharpened, motivated, tailored and explored.

Obesity is an illness and being fit and thin is a healthy approach to the life. But, being so much fascinated to be thin is also dangerous. Some people literally die to be and look thin. It sometime leads to even psychiatric problems. An article on this rising problem is a good read.

Reader’s Digest Classic – brings – Just a taxi ride – a story from the past issue which is a good read.

World affairs – brings article about Yevgenia Albats, Lubov Sobol, Olga Romanova and Tatysn Lazareva (Russia’ daughters for revolution).

Scams and Cons are not new. These days it became even more common. An interesting article titled – Confessions of a ConMan is really good read. You can even learn how you can be cheated and so you can prepare yourself to fight against the same.

Do you know who made Velcro? You can find answer within the magazine?

Truth is stranger than the fiction – this is not just a saying but also a real fact. Shark Attack – is the story presented in – Real Life Drama. In Russia, a young couple went for swimming at early evening at a remote bay, which went wrong for them. The story can pass thrills from within you. There are more similar stories make this issue even more worth reading.

There are about some smaller thing you can do which can reduce health risks. Read more inside the magazine.

The issue is definitely worth reading and it gives the best value of your money and time spent reading it.

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