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Reader’s Digest India | January 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

We have missed reviewing the December 2012 issue or Reader’s Digest Magazine (India Edition). Actually we were planning to review both Indian and Canadian edition for that month. But anyway, let us have a quick look at the content of the January 2013 issue of the same.

The cover page is with background color between blue and cyan on a little turquoise shade and the content in White and yellow gives it a decent look. Naturally the new year 2013 is approached and this issue have some content welcoming the year, predicting some trends and giving some tips (health and wealth) – that is what we can expect. Let us see what is in the box for us.

Editorial by Mohan Sivand have title “Are you losing money?” and it starts with two golden rules for investing. 1. Never lose money and 2. Never forget rule no. 1. It is true anyway! The editorial is thoughtful.

The stigma that can kill – is the title of the article by Dr. Dayal. It takes us into the insights of the mind. And discuss about some mental illness and psychological stuffs. In addition the article also lights on some myths that – the medication related to the mental illness are addictive – is it correct? Well, read the article to know more details about the same.

In My Opinion -Joanna Cruddas discuss about the topic of Staying Single. She discusses the benefits of the single status. The freedom of living life on one’s own term is one of the biggest positive. There are cons as well. And the brief article explores both.

Here and now, segment discuss about the things being happened currently. One important thing is the 3D Printing technology.

Here and Now section have brief reviews for the following books;

  • NW, by Zadie Smith
  • A Possible Life, by Sebastian Faulks
  • Zoo Time, by Howard Jacobson
  • The Vanishing Point, by Val McDermid
  • In classic corner – the book – The old man and the sea, by Ernest Hemingway is also referred.

Bittu Sahgal, briefs about Jadav Payeng – the environmentalist, it is good to read about such good people who really cares for the nature.

My Story brings in the story of a mother whose son had an accident when playing hockey. The neural injuries led the boy to some conditions which are not only tough to tackle but even diagnose the actual problem. Such real life tales proves that in wrong circumstances, only your will-power saves you.

Outrageous – segment discusses the traffic and motor driving rule of wearing the seat belt. The article voice out the opinion that it should be better for the passengers of rear seats as well, to buckle up the seat-belts, and it definitely proves beneficial in case of fatal road accident. What is your say?

The section – Kindness of strangers – always makes us happy by bringing in front, the incidents where we see the human qualities running at the pick and make us believe that the world is still a better place to live.

As some countries are seeing the economy progressing in wrong direction and some find them on the cliff of financial mishap; the money management is the hot topic everywhere. RD brings in the article titled Vital Money Basics You Should Know. There are some evergreen rules of managing the money which we can follow in order to manage money properly. And it is also necessary to understand that money management is not the thing to be taken care in the time of crisis but it also needs to be in effect when good times are there. Actually when you are financially sound, you can save money during those times and it will prove the life line in bad timings.

New year always make people to take resolutions to be followed in the coming year. One of the most common (and needed) is the health oriented one. People think to stay fitter in the coming year and it is definitely one’s best call. Your biggest asset anytime is your body. The saying is You are as old as you feel, and it is correct after the age of 40 or even 60. The tone of the article is that keeping yourself healthy and fit is not as tough as you may think. There are some basic strategies need to followed and you are doing the proper things. Also remember the fact that the mind controls the body. So be positive in your attitude and that’s it.

The usage of Salt in a specific amount is needed to keep the body healthy. Salt is not only the ingredient which adds taste to the food. Now we use the iodized salt to make it even better and it empowers the immunity to fight some specific decease as well. But, too much of Salt is also dangerous for one’s health! There is a good article which discusses not only Salt and its advisable proportion in the food, but also some other food stuff for which we get mixed messages, like:

  • Low Fat
  • Eggs
  • Sun Exposure
  • Butter v/s Margarine
  • Low Carb

Emergency In Mid Air – is the Real Life Drama explored this month. The tale by Matthew Day & Anna Esden-Tempska, explores the voyage of 231 people who were traveling in Boing and its landing gear got some problem and it cannot go down, now? The lives of the passengers of the aircraft were all dependent on the skills of the Pilot. What happened to them? You need to read the thrilling real life incident in the magazine to know the answer.

In 1956, a story named “The Gift Of Understanding” published. I am stunned simply by the title. How much depth is there in the tile?!! And the image incorporated with the story is also fabulous. Give it a read.

The word magic have magic in it!!!
Since our childhood we have the curiosity to know that how magicians are able to do such things. What tricks they use? There is an article titled “Magic in the mind” discusses how mind percepts the stuff and how illusionists use that knowledge in favor. I am sure that a lot of readers will not miss this read 🙂

Instead of reveal the contents for the article – Looking for Gary. It is something which you need to read virgin to enjoy.

A day in the life of a Fat Cell – is again a health oriented article.

The Dog That Detects Cancer – is a health oriented article which explores the fact that the Belgian Shepherd have the exceptional sensitivity to detect the symptoms of this potentially deadly decease.

Call this a hotel?! – is an article about the hotels which are a lot different than that of standard definition of a hotel. Good read for an explorer.

The placebo effect – is one of the most heard phrase in the world of medicines. When talking about homeopathy, it is referred a lot. Well, it is a debatable stuff, but as per our personal belief, it is the mind power that helps healing one – in case of placebos. Have your say.

Look Twice presents the fantastic photos of ants dragging the colored sugar drops.

Joshua Knelman comes with the article named To Catch A Thief. It focuses on Art Theft. It is one of the largest black market. I got the memory of the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair” at first. You can read the article and let us know via comments, we love to hear.

At last we like to mention “How Reading Makes You Happy” – as a worth read.

Overall an issue which gives you more for its price. It brings a lot of knowledge stuff which one should not avoid.

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