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Blogging for Gold by Anuj Tikku | Book Review

Recently we’ve reviewed Survival by author Anuj Tikku. It is a collection of articles focused on Positive attitude and conveying life lessons. You can read our detailed and unbiased book review for the same at:

Anuj runs a blog named Tikky’s Travelthon successfully for more than 2 years. You can visit it at:

As the name suggests, it is a travelogue where Anuj shares his personal experiences from traveling in India and abroad. Actually, there was a setback in his life which turned it’s course in an unexpected way. His career which slowly taking off into Bollywood movies was also suffered due to. Eventually, Tikku came out of the mess but he was unable to do what he was doing anymore. He started exploring the world to keep himself busy and started sharing his experiences on his blog. People started liking it and Tikku got more and more engaged to it.

Book Title : Blogging for Gold: A to Z of Blogging
Author :
Publishers : Self Published; Published: (27 November 2018)
# of Pages : 2276 KB, 168 (Kindle EBook)
# of Chapters : 60
Purchase Link(s) :

Though he is not earning as much as expected from his blog but it is on the right track, so it seems just a matter of time. He has decided to share his experiences to guide those who wanted to earn through “Blogging” and the result is a series of articles in a category named “Blogging For Gold” on his blog. And some selected articles from the blog modified and curated are presented in the form of a book named “Blogging For Gold”.

Blogging for Gold by Anuj Tikku | Book Cover

Blogging for Gold by Anuj Tikku | Book Cover

As you can see the cover page of the book is quite impressive. One thing I must say that Anuj has a good sense of choosing effective colors (or the designers who know their job). The cover is simple and impressive.

The Content And How Good Is Is?

The book is written for the beginners but at the same time, it doesn’t go into very basics. You must know what is “blogging” and how to set the things up. It advises with an example about choosing a domain name and other stuff.

No doubt, I found some things could have been elaborated in more detail and with examples, in that case, the effect of the book could have been better. I feel some things in the book are just touched.

I, myself, is in blogging since many years and I have gone through many such “how to” books. So I can confirm some of the things which are in this book are not witnessed in other books. “Meet Mr. Internet Troll” is one such chapter in the book. Of course, I need to keep as many spoilers as possible at the bay, so cannot go into the details.

I recommend you to read “The Double-Edged Sword of Self-Publishing” chapter. It is a kind of the guide required by a wanna-be author. I believe that every blogger is an amateur author. But, you can be considered as an author only when a book is published, and that is the more correct way. This book brings in both, pros and cons of being a self-published author, and more importantly, it makes you aware of the steps you need to follow and tactics you need to plan. Definitely, something you shouldn’t miss reading in this book.

I like the way Anuj draws a parallel between a blogger and Pandavas. How each of the Pandava’s unique and celebrated skills needs to be implemented in his-her day-to-day work by a blogger is something I enjoyed reading.

I also like the information about “Gated” content and the way the author tried exploring very basics of SEO.

The author could have gone in detail about SEO and affiliate marketing. Also, the author could have introduced to some of the free themes, and more importantly free images and other graphics which are available under “Creative Commons Licence”. Yes, there are some sites like pixabay.com from where you can get images in almost all the categories you need, absolutely and legally for free. Getting the things free “legally” is more important. As however tempting is to use anything you like on the Internet, it may lead you to a lawsuit which you must avoid. And, of course, you need to read the user agreement very carefully in all such websites, including the one I’ve mentioned.

And yes, it is available for Rs. 99, so value-for-money ratio is good here. I’ve received the book from the author. The review is genuine and unbiased, as always.

So yes, there is a scope of improvement in this book. But, it is definitely a good read for a newbie blogger.


I like this small summarized set of guidelines for a newbie blogger. The book is written for a target set of readers and they will enjoy reading it.

ThinkerViews Rating:

Definitely not less than 7.5 out of 10.

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