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Twilight: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer | Book Review

Continuing from Bella’s encounter with Volturi, besides her personal problems including an estrangement from Jacob and grounding from her father, Bella’s biggest worry is to convince Edward on converting her into a vampire and save his family from the Volturi’s punishment. But in spite of all these, Bella is happy that she is again with Edward and that makes everything else bearable.

Boook : The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Author : Stepheni Meyer
Publisher : Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation (Jul 2010)

Bella manages to get a promise from Edward’s father that he would convert her after graduation thinking that he could tell her parents that she is going to a faraway university and can’t meet them anymore. She misses Jacob extremely but werewolves and vampires are natural enemies, and Edward will not let Bella visit Jacob alone anymore as young werewolves are unstable and dangerous. Victoria is still after Bella’s life as ever and keeps coming back every now and then. However, Bella sneaks to visit Jacob and finally Edward agrees to let her go to meet Jacob now and then when he is away hunting. Jacob keeps reminding Bella that he loves her and it would be better for her to choose him over Edward.

Graduation approaches, but strange things are happening around. Someone is creating havoc in nearby city of Seattle by murdering no. of people on daily basis. Edward’s family realises that this must be a vampire. And then Bella is faced with a new reality of becoming a newborn vampire: the wild, uncontrollable years of a vampire’s life governed by only one feeling, that of a thirst for human blood. Is that what she will be reduced to in a course of a few days? Will she forget everything and everyone else? She also discovers about vampires creating armies of newborns for taking revenge against enemy clans. So, who has created the army in Seattle? And against whom?

On the day of graduation, Alice sees a vision of the army coming against the Cullens. They are out numbered; odds are too bad for any chance of the Cullen family to get out of the fight unharmed. And then the strangest thing happens: an alliance of werewolves and good vampires to fight the newborn army. But before the fight begins, Bella’s life is shaken again. In a strange turn of events, she says yes to Edward’s proposal of marriage but very soon realises that she is in love with Jacob, too.

What happens in the fight? Do the Cullens and the werewolves are able to get out of it unharmed? What’s Jacob’ fate? Is his life and his hopes are eclipsed for ever? What will the Volturi do next? And above all, what is Bella supposed to do now? Where is her heart leading her?

The “Twilight: Eclipse” is the latest and most action-packed movie of the series. The focus of the movie is as much on the new born army and the wolf-vampire fights as much it is on the Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle.

Here is the movie trailer for the movie lovers…

A must read and must watch, if you like to get entangled in the mysteries of human heart and understand its intricate ways when it comes to love, if you believe you can love more than one person at a time, that they may have the power to pull you in opposite directions with so much passion……

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