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Twilight: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer | Book Reviews

Bella and the Cullen family escaped from a calamity at the end of the Twilight: Eclipse and Bella has made up her mind to marry Edward and become a vampire soon afterwards. Alice is planning a grand wedding and we once again plunge into Bella’s world with all her hopes and fears, her happiness and her anxiety. Jacob has left the home and gone wandering into wilderness with his unanswered hopes.

Boook : The Twilight Saga: Breaking Down
Author : Stepheni Meyer
Publisher :

But love works in strange ways. Jacob comes back to Bella’s wedding as her best friend and is forced to leave again in agony over Bella’s dangerous future. Bella and Edward go to a sunny dreamland of an island near Brazil and in a few days, Bella realises that she is pregnant. The unexpected and unprecedented event takes them all by shock and fear. They come back to Forks and Bella’s health starts deteriorating fast with a vampire child growing swiftly inside her at her expense. Bella is determined to keep it with a readiness to take any consequences and in vain Edward and Jacob tries to persuade her to get the thing out of her agonising over the toll it is taking on Bella.

The wolves decide to kill the foetus and Bella in turn, when Jacob opposes and falls away from his pack to protect her. Bella’s life is being counted in days and then suddenly the baby comes earlier then expected, almost killing Bella in the process. But Edward revives her with vampire venom and they are parents of a beautiful baby girl called Renesmee. To make matters perfect, Jacob imprints on Renesmee, meaning she becomes his life and soul, and he will become anything for her. Strangely, Bella skips all the symptoms of newborn vampires and is totally in control of herself. Their happiness is completed while she is able to meet her father also without being a danger to him.

But these happy days are threatened to end soon by the expectation of arrival of the Volturi with their ferocious guard to destroy the Cullen family. The Volturis are like vampire police and they are coming to punish. But why? Has Cullen family committed any such crime that requires so severe a punishment? Or the Volturi is coveting the gifted vampires of this family? Is there any chance of survival? Will Bella’s life always be tormented and in danger whether she is human or not? Do they ever get to live “happily forever”?

This longest and strangest of the four books is now being converted into a motion picture. While there is so much action, the canvas is also very wide covering a no. of vampires from different origins and with numerous gifts. Let us hope that the movie makers will give us a visual treat equal to the mental treat the book is.

It is difficult to write such a long story spread over a no. of books and make all the threads meet in the end. Answering all the expectation and conjuring happy ending for everyone in the tale is quite a difficult task which Ms. Meyer has done beautifully. After a long stretch of time of Bella’s life from New Moon to Eclipse to Breaking Dawn, she finally finds happiness and peace here. Though her life is now made of endless days and nights, an eternal twilight, at the end of the series we also feel like its breaking dawn, that the day is just beginning and not ending.

A must read for completing your Twilight experience, if you love dangers and fights and drama lading to a fairy tell ending……….

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  1. The much anticipated movie version of the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 is released today. So, get ready to watch Edward and Bella finally getting married and live happily ever after…But this is twilight saga, so the “happily ever after” part has to still wait, instead watch the vampires facing a war with the werewolves.

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