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The Fall of Pritu: Juggernaut | Vedic Sci-Fi Thriller | Book Reviews

Indian mythology is the richest one in terms of content, knowledge, science, wisdom and other positive attributes. Sometimes however it is mis-understood by many due to ritual-coated mis-representation of the same.

If anything is represented to us, as a human being, as a possessor of a brain, it is our responsibility is to evaluate it truly. We must ask all our genuine questions to resolve the doubts. We need to keep our minds open.

Recently we have seen a lot of Indian and foreign authors try to re-tell various segments from Indian mythology from their own perspective. And it is often welcomed by the group readers. The rule is, it should be written nicely without any prejudice. The commercial and critical success of such literature is evident of the reader’s interest towards the same. Some of them are:

Adding to the list, one aspiring Indian author, Ravi Krishnan came with a book named The Fall of Pritu: Juggernaut. The title have two words which you may like to relate. Pritu – Prithvee (the Earth); and Juggernaut (Jagannath Rath). The book is self-published by the author and hence available as E-Book (Kindle version) only. Also, as not backed by a publishing house, he is not having a mesmerizing book trailer, which is otherwise common to find these days. We must say that this is another book with fresh and imaginative writing like The Devil’s Gate : An Impossible Journey: 1 and The Mug Of Melancholy in recent times.

Book Title : The Fall of Pritu: Juggernaut
Author :
Genre : Sci-Fi, Mythology
Publisher : Self published through Amazon Digital South Asia Services, Inc.
Total Pages : 180 (print length)
Kindle booksize: around 1174 KB
Chapters : 90
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The Fall of Pritu: Juggernaut

The Fall of Pritu: Juggernaut – Book Cover

The author seems very inspired from various Sci-Fi movies and you may find traces of The Matrix, and Star Wars movie series in the book. His writing style is unique though. The book take a while to set the things up. Actually, there are many threads running parallel and you may find it a bit tough to keep track of everything. However if you pay attention, the dots started connecting around the middle of the book and you start enjoying it more.

A good Sci-Fi writer need to keep the balance between the both “Science” and “Fiction”. The author doesn’t go in too much detail of various scientific stuff and it serves as the positive aspect of the book. It keep reader’s interest intact.

The source of the inspiration for the book is Ved (aka Vedas), which author refers (in the book) as “Tree Of Knowledge”. (Any scholar will agree with this definition.) The characters of the book are thus found taken from the Indian scriptures: Vikram, Lord Krit, Gargi, Agasth, Salwa, Garad,.. to name a few.

The author is good at writing about the surroundings. At most of the places he is able to irk the imagination of the reader for the respective scene. We have enjoyed thoroughly reading the scene for example, where Vikram, as a kid, runs from the beast and climbs the tree: how he fall and how he was spared by the beast. Also the same incident happens again in his journey and it gives a message of wisdom. Ditto you can say for Agasth’s fighting with a Vanara. It was a small yet compelling piece of writing.

The characters are built nicely. And over various chapters their attributes are explored. You need to remain attentive to the content or otherwise you may wonder why a character is doing such thing. For example if you don’t pay attention towards what happens at Salwa’s tomb, you may not relate yourself with some of the actions of Lord Krit.

Author’s love for nature is evident in his writings. His exploration of various water stream at various level is good reading experience and will make you realise that he did enough research in oceanology as well.

The book ends keep you wondering about a few loose ends. As the book is the beginning of a trilogy, we better let the tale explore and then talk about that. The book could have been a better reading experience with a glossary available. Also there are places where you my find the content should be written in better manner and has to be proof read well. Sometimes even the good writing needs to be simple. And some sentences require the use of punctuation properly.

Some pieces of content which could have been written in better manner:

My dear Garad, you have been very helpful. I hope you all well ahead.

Lord, it is my duty that I have done.

Some of the good pieces of writing from the book:

You are our future, Through you we shall remain.

O lord, but at the end of the day, I am but a mere human and my loyalty lies with them.

You don’t have to believe me my boy . The truth shall reveal itself to you very soon.

I carry no weapon except my knowledge and news about the future of this city.

I have met many who have an opinion about things that they have no idea about.

A senseless act of misunderstood fantasy.

They forgot to respect the nature and than the nature turned against them and when it does, it always destroys the last bit of you.

These who control the present should not be discouraged by the inability to control the future.

The thing about the falling is the way it gives you time to think.

Your eyes see what your mind wants to see.

It is the power within you that scares the others most.

If you can survive your worst fear than you are ready to face anything.

Bird’s eye view to the content of the book:

Vikram is just another youth, struggling to meet the ends. He is riding on the two horses; his job and his study. And more often he was struggling to balance. One day in a cold weather, he met with someone who made him feel special. Someone came looking for him far from the different planet, even different galaxy, it was unbelievable for him.

Lord Krit have a troubled childhood. Now he is a few eons old and on a mission. Maya and Mulos are helping him doing what he feels as the path of Dharma.

Sage Agasth is a scholar with warrior skills, assisted by Gargi is able to find out a truth about the approaching havoc which will end almost entire civilisation and the race of humans may remain no more. With a few survivor the human evaluations must have to be re-initiated. He asks the king of a civilisation to act, but the king’s ignorance about the issue, breaks Agasth’s heart. Though he knew, he need to do what he need to. He thus approach the Vanaras.

Who and why wants to wreak the havoc? Will Agasth and his confidantes be able to save the planet? What role Vikram have to play in all these? That is the rest of the book.

Final Verdict:

If you love thrillers then this book is definitely worth going for. You need to keep your mind open and attentive while reading it. Being a science fiction, this book remains true to its genre.

Good to know:

The author is so clear about the story (and confident about the response) in his mind, that he announced this book as the first part of a trilogy he is planning to write.

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The Fall of Pritu: Juggernaut

We have had a conversation with Ravi Krishnan and it was an interesting session. You can read the full interview here.

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