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The Secret Of The Nagas | Book 2 Of Shiva Trilogy Series | Reviews

We did represent our views and reviews regarding the book “The Immortals Of Meluha” – The first book of the “The Shiva Trilogy” series written by Amish Tripathi.

Book Title : The Secret Of The Nagas
Author : Amish Tripathi
Publisher : Tara India Research Press

As the second book in the same series goes out since more than a month, let’s take a look about the features of the same to see whether it is able to meet the expectations raised by the first book by the author. Though let me convey this thing first “The book is much better than the 100 Rs. literature available in the market, especially Indian market, where most of the over praised authors delivers the some what offended content (in terms of adultery, abuse etc)”.

These books are meant to weave the ancient Indian mythology about the Lord Shiva in to the modern way. The first book did its work, this second books moves even a step ahead in modernizing the stuff. Sometimes you feel that the incidents are happened in the current India not in the ancient times. Which is, well, good and bad both. Shiva, a local tribe leader who is identified by Daksha as a gem and later revealed as The Neelkanth, who already is married to Sati, the daughter of Daksha. He already fought a battle from Suryavanshi’ side against the Chandravanshi and after winning the battle he started realizing that he might be making a mistake by considering Chandravanshi evil. In fact, Chandravanshi too believed in the legend of Neelkanth and expected Neelkanth to be their savior and found heart-broken when seen Neelkanth fighting against them. Let’s continue visiting the voyage of Shiva that point onwards.

In continuity with his quest to his fate, Shiva goes through several incidents. As mount Mandar was demolished and Bruhaspati was found lost (probably dead) and Nagas were the suspects, Shiva wanted to get the revenge desperately. Sati gives birth to their son. Shivia visits Branga (land where BRAhmaputra meets ganGA). A lot of things revealed from behind the darkness. The main aim of the author seems exposed (from his writing) is; nothing is right or wrong unless you yourself know it fully and neutrally. Most of the perceptions are biased, based on the experience, nature, way of thinking and other qualities and limitation one have.

The author seems enjoying writing about the natural beauties, he may be fond of the nature. Or otherwise, he got the point well from the ancient Indian culture, to follow and respect the nature. Mr. Amish also enjoys explaining the war strategy and battle itself. His writing tells it all. Most of the incidents are written nicely. He used some of the modern words by weaving them in the story, eg. Baba for father, Masi for Mother’s sister, Dada for elder brother. Even the character of Parashuram is written in somewhat different manner. Sometimes these things go well, sometimes not. Sometimes it looks someone is trying to give old wine in the new bottle. The interesting most part according to me in the entire book is the conversation of Shiva with one of the Vasudeva Pandit.

The books stops by exposing the secret, the Nagas have. The truth of Daksha, The real identity of the Naga whom Shiva and Sati both was not able to conquer in a fight, and lot of other incident clearly tells that some bigger than the imagination conspiracy goes on. Someone keeps the tension between Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi, Naga and others always high and plays the game with all them. Who he/she is and why he/she is doing the same? It seems interesting to wait for “The Oath Of The Vayuputras“. Let’s look forward to the same by keeping our fingers crossed to get the even better book in the series.

Naga – A video introduction

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