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The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – The Power that Preserves | Book Review

At the end of second book, “The Illearth War”, we left Covenant in his living room, sick with the knowledge that he might have done more damage, rather than any help to the Land. He starts roaming the country around at night, and confronts a girl endangered by a snake. Just when he is trying to help the girl, he is summoned back to the Land, this time by Lord Mhoram. But, Covenant resists and Mhoram lets him go back. Covenant saves the little girl and is ready to go to the Land. And this time, he is summoned by the pair of Foamfollower and Triock, Lena’s former lover.

Book Title : The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant – The Power that Preserves
Author : Stephen R Donaldson
Publisher : Holt, Rinehart & Winston (1979)

Covenant is once again at Kevin’s watch, where it all started. He goes to Mithil Stonedown, and meets Lena, who is a crazy, old woman by now. It has been seven years since the Staff of Law was lost, and about time for Lord Foul’s prophecies to come true. Revelstone is under siege and Mhoram is fighting a lost war. The only hope left for the Land is Covenant and his wild magic. Finally, Covenant decides to go to Foul’s crèche and fight him.

Foamfollower, Triock and Lena accompany him on his journey. Together, they go to the plains of Ra seeking help, but the Ramen are in great trouble. Covenant and Lena survive the attack, but while they are attacked by a Raver on their way and Lena gives her life to protect Covenant. Covenant is seriously wounded in this attack, his companions are lost and he has no hope. But, he is saved by an Unfettered healer, who takes him inside the great forest and treats him. Once again, Covenant starts his journey.

As he comes out of the forest, he is met by a Raver, who has captured his friends, at the Colossus that guars the Upper Land. And here, he meets the ruler who is orchestrating all these, none but the ghost of Elena. She still holds the Staff of Law, but is enslaved by Foul. Covenant fights her witht he wild magic and in the battle, destroys the Staff. On the other end, Mhoram and his Lords destroy the Raver, who is weakened by Elena’s defeat and snatch a victory that seemed impossible.

He and Foamfollower continue their journey to Foul’s Creche. Battling their way through all the evil encounters, they finally reach Foul’s fortress. There, in that final encounter, Covenant understands the paradox that defines his power and himself. With aid of Foamfollower, he reduces Foul to nothingness and destroys the Illearth stone.

With death of Foamfollower, he once again comes back to his real world, where he is in a hospital, dying of the snake venom. But, the Creator of the world, who chose him in the first place, the old beggar, who asked him to be true, before he was summoned to the Land the first time, saves him. With the knowledge that the Land was safe again, Covenant starts to work his way to surviving as a leper in his own time and place.

So, all is well that ends well?, not quite……Despair is something that feels like second nature to humans, and it’s not easy to drive it away……..It may take a few millennia, but Lord Foul will come back……We’ll discuss that story, with the second chronicles of Thomas Covenant, in next few days…………Till then…happy reading…………..

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