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Detailed Reviews For Episode 10 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki Hindi TV Serial

The story of Hindi TV Serial – Kahani Chandrakanta Ki – which was inspired by the famous novel titled – Chandrakanta Santati – which itself was the sequel of the famous and successful opus of Late Babu DevakiNandan Khatri – moves ahead and here are our personal and unbiased reviews for the episode 10 of the same.

Here is the episode for you to watch and enjoy…

Human mind is very tough to analyze. You cannot predict which way it will move ahead, if uncontrolled. That is why it is said in the Indian mythology that Mind is the reason of one’s situation. It is said that Mind controls all the organs but it has to be controlled with the wisdom, otherwise it may lead to one’s destruction. It is very true in all the senses.

We saw that King Shiv Dutt, who was not ready to even meet Chandilal, was ready to meet him for the sake of a request by Pt. Jagannath. But, once he met Chandilal and heard his plan about how to overpower Chunargarh – Maharaja VirendraSingh and Maharani Chandrakanta – he got very happy and confidante into him. However the plan was purely unethical and Pt. Jagannath was really against using such tactics (well, for the sake of your interest to keep alive, when you watch the episode, we are not revealing the plan). According to Pt. Jagannath of course one can use plans and tactics to get victory, but there must be a limit on how much one should lower the level of ethics during the war also. And Shiv Dutt, blind for his revenge was unable to see anything beyond the final result, his victory, his only interest.

It made the situation tensed between Pt. Jagannath and King ShivDutt. Pt. can however do nothing openly to oppose his king’s decision and hence was throwing his outburst to Badrinath. Badrinath was completely agree with what Pt. Jagannath was saying. He also express his dislike for Chandi and affirms that he know that Chandi can do anything in order to achieve his goal and that is the reason he never trusted him. Pt. also feels that he made a mistake by arranging a meeting between Chandi and ShivDutt, without knowing what is inside Chandi’s mind and what is his plan.

Now, as the arrow was fired, it cannot be undone. So, Pt. have to find some way to stop this mishap before it can happen. As it is said, where there is the will, there is a way; one of the suggestion by Badrinath show a ray of light (and only possible solution of this situation). Of course, we are not revealing what it is.

In ChunarGarh, ParamVeer was trying to find what important information could have been leaked due to Chandi’s escape. He was furious to know about all the confidential information Chandi possibly posses, and it can be resulted into danger for Chunargarh and its king and queen. Padmini thinks, only Mayajal, the assistant of Chandilal who herself is a very talented aaiyaar, can be the only person who know all the secrets of Chandi. ParamVeer however was not sure that if they could break someone like her, who is so loyal to her master (Chandilal).

So the situations are tricky at both the sides! Only time can tell, what happened then after!!!

If to see storywise, the episode was quite interesting. Rajendra Gupta is good actor and he proves it. Mamik supports him with Puneet Issar. Shiva, have some dialog delivery problems. And a lot of cast members are not able to act very convincingly, for example the actress playing MayaJaal. The wardrobe, is below expectations. For some characters it is good, for others, it is the usage of some stuff which either makes them looking funny in stead of looking dangerous. The background music is good.

Overall, you may like to watch it for timepass.

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