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The Dragon Reborn – The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan – Book 3 | Book Review

The world of fantastic fiction is an unending source of stories that highlight the richness of human imagination which creates worlds that are richer and deeper than our own times and filled with magic and adventures. There are  a lot of other similar works that weave the threads of mythologies around the world with a rich landscape filled with humans and other races as they face and resolve the conflicts of their times.

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We have started exploring the Wheel of Time series by author Robert Jordan this year and are enjoying the rich worlds built and revealed layer by layer as we join the characters of this world on their journeys. We have reviewed the first two books of this series here on Thinkerviews:

The Eye of the World

The Great Hunt

Book Title : The Dragon Reborn
The Wheel of Time - 3
Author :
Published by : Orbit (15 December 2009)
Tor Books ( 15 September 1991)
# of Pages : 672 (Paperback) 6101 KB; 673 (Kindle EBook) 624 (Hardcover) 1488 Minutes (Audiobook)
# of Chapters : 56
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Published in 1991, The Dragon Reborn is the third book in this series and has been loved by readers all around the world. And here is our review of this book for you on behalf of Team ThinkerViews.

Book Cover:

Let us take a look at the cover page of this book, the gateway to the fictional story explored within.

The Great Hunt - The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan - Book 2 | Book Cover

The Great Hunt – The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan – Book 2 | Book Cover

As you can see, the latest version of the book has a very attractive cover page. It follows “green” theme. You can see a dense forest, and, of course, the wheel of the time, as well. The latest cover page also shows a note about the its TV series adaptation on Amazon Prime.

The old version cover pages were simple. You can see one of them with “audible” version of the book. Another version of the cover page reflects the same from earlier English novels. With the time and commercial success, the appearance of a person or media changes a lot (in good way); and the cover page of this book is an authentic example of the same :).


When we left Toman Head at the end of the second book, Rand had been seen battling the Dark One in the skies and had been branded by the Heron twice. Stories are already circulating about a red-haired, grey eyed youth who was seen setting the skies alight with thunder. But it is hardly straightforward from hereon.

As Moiraine, Rand, Perrin, Lan, Egwene, Elayne and Min start their journey back from Toman Head, other forces are already on move. The camp is attacked one night and in wake of it Rand leaves the others to chart his own course to Tear, before the madness of touching Saidin takes over him completely. Others follow in his wake to find that his journey is leaving a sweep of taveren in its wake.

When Elayne, Egwene and Min make it to Tar Valon, after a confrontation with the Children of Light, they find that the White Towers are cloaked in a cloud of betrayal and suspicion. Now that the Black Ajah have started their countermoves. The Mother asks these three young women to look for the traces of Aes Sedai who have allied with the Dark forces. And once again, Egwene, Elayne and Min find themselves on a journey towards Tear and Rand.

Mat is cured by the Aes Sedai of his association with the ruby dagger from Shadar Lagoth and makes a quick recovery. Keen to get away from Tar Valon, he happily accepts a letter that Elayne has written for her mother and starts a journey towards Cairhien. The role of dice is getting dangerous and Mat finds an unexpected companion in Thom Merillin on this journey.

While Egwene and Perrin learn to navigate the world of dreams in their different ways, not quite aware of the peril it will lead them to  and Rand travels towards his destiny, will Moiraine be able to help them out this time? It is not only the Dark One, but the Forsaken are also loose now and at least a few of them are moving against the Light for their own reasons. How long can a few fighting for light keep the darkness at bay?

Views And Reviews:

The Dragon Reborn is just as enjoyable as the previous two installments of this series as it continues to give us adventures and journeys in this fantastical world as the characters learn their strength as well as make mistakes from not knowing the history and background from enemies who have waited nearly three thousand years to break free from their prisons. Although the title of the book is about Rand Al’Thor, he appears in the narrative much less then his friends who all seem to be on the paths of their own as well.

Rand’s journey this time is also very reminiscent of King Arthur stories. He is going to find the sword of Callandor, that will well and truly proclaim him as the Dragon Reborn. And in spite of the madness getting closer every day, he still manages to hold on to some semblance of sanity and battles the Dark One, one more time and chooses to become the Dragon.

There is Egwene, Nyaneve and Elayne whose thread brings variety of battles at fore, including Children of the Light and its them who discover the Aiel who have started crossing the spine of the world to follow their own prophecy of becoming people of the Dragon. Then they also walk into the trap by Black Ajah.

It is through their journey that the author gives us more new places in this world – like the Stone city of Tear or the swamplands outside it. It is also interesting to see the Aiel coming into this world and bringing their own cultural references and histories.

And then there is Perrin, whose internal struggle continues. He still resists the wolves as well as his future forecasts depicting a falcon and a hawk, until he meets other brothers and his Faile. While Rand comes to term with his destiny by end of this book, Perrin is still trying to understand:

He wanted to believe the Pattern was good. He wanted to believe that when men did evil things, they were going against the Pattern, distorting it. To him the Pattern was a fine and intricate creation made by a master smith. That it mixed pot metal and worse in with good steel with never a care was a cold thought.

And Mat, who is now free of the shadow? Or, is he? Why do the assassins keep tracking him? And his turn with luck is really something disturbing. At least, with his quarterstaff he has started to fight his own battles and with his dice he is earning riches he has always wanted. But where does he see himself in the war of light and darkness?

I also like the way the characters continue to evolve and have some faults and failures to keep them human, e.g., the constant friction between Nynaeve and Egwene in spite of being on the same side or how all the young people have their insecurities at one point in time or another.

Men and women think differently at times, but the biggest difference is this. Men forget, but never forgive; women forgive, but never forget

And by the end of story, there is something to rejoice about. At least, one Forsaken is defeated and the world is ready for the Dragon Reborn…


It continues the epic tale of eternal struggle between light and darkness and beginning of journey for heroes who must become heroes and save the world….

ThinkerViews Rating:

Around 8 stars out of 10.

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