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Ink On Paper By Vishikha | Book Review

Age and talent are two completely different things. Of course, in most cases with age comes experience that leads to wisdom, but, that is not the case always. Remember the tales of Ashtavakra, Nachiketa, Prahlad… They were wise beyond their ages. So, when we share views and reviews for a book, we don’t consider the author’s age as a factor to consider. And, frankly speaking, when you look at anything the end result is the most important aspect for you, right?

Book Title : Ink On Paper
Stories to set the aura and poems to tell the story
Author :
Publisher : Notion Press (29 November 2019)
# of Pages : 224 (Paperback)
1266 KB; 224 (Kindle EBook)
# of Chapters : 82
Purchase Link(s) :

A while ago, we were approached by Vishikha, informing us about her debut book Ink On Paper. Though we read the book out of its scheduled turn, it took a little longer than expected. She has self-published this book through Notion Press.

From our team, I got a chance to read this book, and here are my unbiased and uninfluenced views and reviews for the same.

Let us take a look at the cover page of this book.

Book Cover:

We, at ThinkerViews, believe in not judging a book by its cover. We, at the same time, acknowledge the impact of the first impression created by the book cover. It definitely plays a vital role in many reading/purchase decisions.

Ink On Paper (Stories to set the aura and poems to tell the story) By Vishikha | Book Cover

Ink On Paper (Stories to set the aura and poems to tell the story) By Vishikha | Book Cover

Ink On Paper falls in a little different genre than most of the books. It is a combination of stories and poems weaved together! Yes, the author has rightly mentioned it in the tagline of the book “Stories to set the aura and poems to tell the story“. It will be a challenge for any cover designer to come up with an interesting design for such a book.

The glossy black background and red text for the book title are attractive. But at the same time, I feel, the choice of fonts used for book titles must have better. The red title in the chosen fonts over the black background gives a feeling to picking a book in the horror genre, which it is not.

Of course, the designer has put an ancient inkpot and a quill made up of a peacock feather in the bottom half of the cover to balance it. But, the bigger elements make their impact fast and it remains to overshadow other elements.

Overall, a simple cover page that needs some tweaks.

The Book:

Ink On Paper contains 82 poem-stories. All the chapter starts as a short story or exploration of an incident; and after a few paragraphs, there comes a poem that takes the story forward or summarizes the message (or rather I would say, the feelings of the author).

The book is written from an emotional perspective. The reader needs to look at it in the same way. Vishikha seems to be an avid reader. The way she comprises emotional stories, integrates a wisdom message, infuses deep feelings in those stories, links references from the world literature, is interesting.

She is good at exploring scenes where attributes of nature are integrated with emotions. Here is an example from the book:

It was the land of deserts, where the footprints of history makers were made in the sand and then erased by the wind, where fear and gunshots was a thing of the norm, where his father once walked.

There are some wisdom lessons for everyone in this book: For example:

A man is powerful only with his secrets, if he shares his secrets, he’ll lose his power.

I will suggest you to not to miss the story: “The Girl Walking to School”. It will surely make an emotional connection with you.

The author is good at understanding the human psyche and thought-process. Here are some lines from the book proving that.

We find it hard to accept the fact that we all are to die someday and all of what we do shall not matter after that.

He was tired, it was hard walking down the road of life, but it was fine as long as there weren’t any choices to make.

These roads are travelled over and over by many. It is a thing of the norm, I’m sorry but I dislike living like others.

He gave her all of him, but it wasn’t enough.

She may not shed a tear this time, no, she will deny. Yet she dies a little inside each time she says good bye.

Let me quote a few lines from various poems from the book, so you can get a fair idea of literary qualities of the book.

The darkest part though the destiny
Is just as bright as any day.

Where the land and sky meet
With the distance of a strand of a hair.
Where day and night become one
Come, meet me there.

If I need to choose just a single quote from the book, I will go for the following line:

Surviving in a world like ours is a bit of a task. Appreciate yourself if you do.

Rather than talking about the stories and incident explored in the book, I have decided to pick some quotes so you yourself can have a look at the content of the book. The main purpose is to avoid spoilers.

If you love to read some small stories randomly, you will find this book interesting. You can read the book in pieces also, there is no need to finish it in a continuous schedule. That can prove to be an interesting experience if your schedule gives you free time in fragments.


An interesting book containing various short stories weaved with poems. They are fun to read and yet get some wisdom messages too. You should go for it when a book promotion is running.

ThinkerViews Rating:

Around 7.5 out of 10.

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Over To You:

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