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Embrace Your Fear By Sara Khan | Book Review

“Fear” the word itself is fearful! No matter how brave we are, there are various things or thoughts we all are afraid of. Sometimes it is the thought of losing something or someone. On a side note, fear is a good thing, it allows us to take some preventive measures that eventually help us later in life. And, whether we acknowledge it or not, the insurance companies (not only life insurance) are selling their products on this hypothesis only, and they, of course, help people and/or their survivor(s).

At the same time, taking precautions and planning for a better future are different from living a “fearful” life. There comes a time when you face a challenge that you may think “out of your bounds” or you don’t possess the required skills, but more often what you lack is “courage”. Such challenges help you get better out of yourself. So rather than running away from the things you fear, embrace your fear and you will be able to come over it, or at least, able to achieve something important.

Book Title : Embrace Your Fear
A How-to Guide on Living The Life Full of Possibilities (Wake Up Now Is The Time Book 2)
Author :
Publisher : Notion Press (31 December 2019) – First Edition
# of Pages : 2204 KB; 113 (Kindle Ebook)
# of Chapters : 24
Segments : 2
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When we came to know about a book by Sara Khan (well known for her motivational books and speeches) on this theme, we were keen to explore it.

Book Cover:

The book cover plays a very important role in making the first impression of the book and thus its influence on purchase/reading decisions cannot be ignored.

Embrace Your Fear: A How-to Guide on Living The Life Full of Possibilities (Wake Up Now Is The Time Book 2) By Sara Khan | Book Cover

Embrace Your Fear: A How-to Guide on Living The Life Full of Possibilities (Wake Up Now Is The Time Book 2) By Sara Khan | Book Cover

As you can see, the cover designer has decided to go with golden and cheerful colors. The Sun trying to look at you from behind glittering plants represents hope and positivity. Overall, an attractive cover.

The Book And My Thoughts For The Same:

The content of the book is spread in two sections. The first one contains 11 articles and the second section contains 10 interviews.

The foreword of the book is penned by Raza Murad who needs no introduction, especially for Hindi film lovers. In this segment, he shares his personal experiences from his childhood days. It was the time when his father, Murad, a famous character actor of his time was active and in fact, was the only earning member of their family of five. What fear could have caught Raza Murad in those days? Well, you need to read the book to know it. The story moves fast-forward and you will find Raza Murad talking about how he is taking his health seriously and why he stopped smoking and keeping himself fit for his family these days.

This personal touch works in favor of the book. People love to get inspired by real stories, possibly even more than the fables and fictions. While you will find realistic lines like the following in the book, it is the sentimental way of presentation that makes an impact.

Fear is not going to solve any problem.

I also like the way Sara has defined “fear” in the book.

Fear is not what you see, it is what you believe.

And she carries it forward…

It is your fears that make you do certain things in life, the good and the bad. When you were young, it was the fear of your peer group, parents and teacher that made you study and score good marks….

As you can see the book is not about considering fear with any pre-defined notions, but rather seeing it objectively and understand the ways you can deal with in positive aspects.

She also shares her personal experience of getting chickenpox during her childhood and she learnt that…

Escapism is not a solution

Acceptance of things and living through circumstances like they are happening to a third person and working positively to lead your way to the better alternative, is possibly the best solution and Sara focuses on that. She says:

Once you start accepting situations you build up a mindset which strengthens your belief system.

I also like the chapter followed by her following words:

I am on a quest to seek more. On this journey to wisdom, I met myself twice.

The author also talks about the peace of mind and spirituality as well. Her simple most definition of mediation is worth exploring. Her explanation is simple and easy to implement:

Distance yourself from all the distractions and just sit with yourself. …

In this book, I found some real incidents that happened with most of us at some point in time. For example, when the author talks about herself not being able to eat food properly at a place, because of fear of getting judged for the dinner etiquette; such things happen to everyone. And, such examples help the reader to connect with the author and the book quite easily.

As said earlier, what I like the most in the book the positive attitude with which one should deal with “fear”. And thus, if I am asked to quote just one block from the book, I would settle for the following:

Fear of humiliation could be good, only when you accept something as a challenge to yourself.

As you must have noticed by now, the book is not just about hypothetical preaching. The author gave it a personal touch with real-life examples. The interviews are sometimes repetitive, but that is always a case. As we try to know the answer to the same question from different people to get a different perspective of the same.

And yes, if you want to get in touch with the author, the book contains her EMail address also. And yes, she offers a 30-minutes Free session (as mentioned in the book) with her, if you want to really embrace your fear.


A little costly book that talks about fear objectively. The author shares her own and some other people’s real incidents to guide the reader practically. Written in easy language the book is not for time pass. Go for it only if you are serious about implementing it.

ThinkerViews Rating:

Around 7.5 out of 10.

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