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The Secret In My Blood | A Poems Collection By Akanksha Agarwal | Book Review

The perks of being a professional book reviewer, that too, associated with prestigious Team ThinkerViews includes getting introduced to some new talents :).

Today, we are going to talk about The Secret In My Blood, a collection of poems written in story-like manner, by debutante author Akanskha Agarwal.

Book Title : The Secret In My Blood
Author :
Publisher : Blue Rose Publishers (22 October 2019)
# of Pages : 2177 KB; 74
# of Chapters : 2177 KB; 8
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Let us take a look at the cover page of The Secret In My Blood.

Book Cover:

We are advised to not to judge a book by its cover. And, we agree with the same. However, we also acknowledge the influence of a book cover on book purchase and/or reading decisions, as it is responsible for making the first impression of the book.

The Secret In My Blood | A Poems Collection By Akanksha Agarwal | Book Cover

The Secret In My Blood | A Poems Collection By Akanksha Agarwal | Book Cover

As you can see, the cover page of “The Secret In My Blood” is using a minimalistic approach. The black glossy background gives it a rich look. Two red flowers, sitting cuddled with each other, gives an emotional touch to the same. The use of white and yellow color for the title and the author name makes them readable.

Overall, a good cover page.

The Book And What We Think Of It:

The good and the bad thing about poetries are, they can be interpreted by different people in different ways at different junctures of their lives, based on their mood at that point of time :).

The same can be said for the combination of “गद्य” and “पद्य” (prose and poetry). Some reader may like the combination and some may expect the exact traditional poetry format to be followed by such collections.

Whatever your choice is, one thing you will like for sure, in this book, is, the emotions. They are straight from the heart. And, when we talk about “love” and “sadness”, they are the two extremely opposite yet linked emotions that we cannot keep ourselves away from. And, they impact us hugely in more than one aspects. If you are an emotional reader, you will like more than one segments of this book.

Their love was flawless and pure, likea mother’s womb.

The way, the author expresses emotions and feelings through her words, is something amazing. As you can see in the above line, comparing “love” with a “mother’s womb” is something an intelligent yet emotional person can come up with.

At the same time, you cannot ignore noticing the proofreading error. And, I found such formatting/proofreading errors at more than one places in the book. That I find, a little letdown for an avid reader for sure. Here is another example:

Yearning for you is the reason I amalive.

Let us continue exploring some interesting wordplays in the book, and you find, the adjacent lines of the above mentioned ones, are equally interesting.
Her face puckered in tears, she embraced him like a frail child..

Another positive attribute of the book is some well-thought and well-designed illustrations. You can find them in almost all the poetries. It gives an interesting and pleasurable experience to the reader. For example:

Daisy | An illustration From - The Secret In My Blood

Daisy | An illustration From – The Secret In My Blood

The illustration of daisy turning into united hands of a couple, just above the following lines…

… Love was blooming and blossoming, as fresh as daisy.

makes the reading experience enriched.

While you may wish that some compilations could have been better, you will enjoy the lines like:

The thunderstorm conspiring and winning my shimmer, the breeze wrapping me in the blanket of love.

I also like the wordplay:

Love is the keynote for every wooer…

It is rare to find mention of “keynotes” in poems and poetries. It is definitely interesting. The author explored emotions in a versatile manner, at one end she calls love “A bandage for hearts” and at another occasion, she compares it is “Alcholol”. And it is not the sole occasion. In another incident the author says:

He’s dark as night as the moon in the clouds…

And, also says:

He’s the shooting star twinkling…

So, it is not just a twinkle, the author really has mastery on such wordplays.

Of course, you need to understand the context to fully enjoy the depth of the lines. I, however, cannot mention them in their entirety as it will lead to spoilers. And, I want to avoid spoilers as far as possible.

The quotes above must have given you a fair amount of idea about the content quality you can expect from the book. As said earlier, emotions and feeling have a different impact on different readers. I would like to end with the beautiful lines from the book:

Love and Music can kindle smile and pinkness on your cheeks.


A heterogeneous mixture of stories told in poetic ways. Emotions took over the linguistics. If you love reading such writings, you can go for it.

ThinkerViews Rating:

Around 7 to 7.5 out of 10.

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