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Reid Hoffman’s Commencement Speech At Babson College | Words Of Inspiration

Reid Hoffman co-founded LinkedIn in 2003. Now it is supposed the largest network of professionals. Nowadays employers check candidate’s Linkedin profile to get his/her Bio-Data, Job Record, Recommendations, Skillset and other career oriented aspect. The LinkedIn profile of an individual arguably serve for him as the online resume. Reid, wrote a few books as well, and he believes in entrepreneurship. While at SocialNet, Hoffman was a member of the board of directors at the founding of PayPal as well and he was Executive Vice President of PayPal at the time of Paypal’s acquisition by E-Bay.

He was invited as a commencement speaker at the Babson College, Babson Park, Massachusetts to give an inspirational speech to the class of 2012. The speech is available at http://www.babson.edu/news-events/events/commencement/recap/pages/reid-hoffman.aspx

Here is our personal summary of the words of inspiration we found from the same. Of course you may like to update us here based on your vision for the same.

  • All Humans were born entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurs are founders of companies.
  • Entrepreneurial talents, skills, and mindsets now apply to all jobs and professions.
  • Entrepreneurs create products, companies and jobs.
  • To become an Entrepreneur, make your foundation strong by taking some experience.
  • You need to work hard, and a little luck in your favor is needed too.
  • Modern careers need to deal with this constantly changing environment, be ready.
  • Have commited mindset towards your goal.
  • Build your network and always think in networks. (And your networks are not just the people you know and who know you; they are also they people that they know, and further the people that they know.)
  • Life is a team sport.
  • Entrepreneurs are leaders.
  • An individual can change the world.

We sincerely hope that this may help awaking an entrepreneurs in you, and lead to great success.

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  1. There’s an amazing interview of Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn Co-Founder) on
    for anyone interested in more of him and how he co-founded LinkedIn.

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