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Detailed Reviews For Episode 12 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki Hindi TV Serial

It is not wrong to say that Babu DevakiNandan Khatri mesmerized a few generations of Hindi literature readers by his mangum opus Chandrakanta and its sequel Chandrakanta Santati. It was a difficult task to portray such fantastic work on TV screen. The first attempt – Chandrakanta – Hindi TV serial which was aired on DD (Doordarshan) was love by the people, especially the earlier episodes. The fantastic acting and persona of leading cast was charismatic.

Though, as the director changed a lot from the original book, and hence there was a kind of dispute of content raised by the descendent(s) of Late DevkiNandan Khatri about some points (e.g. The representation of Aaiyaars). “To avoid comparison against the TV Serial Chandrakanta” and “Not correctly representing the content of the book” – the makers of “Kahani Chandrakanta Ki” played safe by showing the notice that the TV serial is influence by the book – Chandrakanta Santati – and is not sequel of any serial.

Let us continue addressing the content of the TV serial, with the review of episode 12 of the same.

We already know that Chandilal’s plan to overpower King Virendrasingh of Chunargarh was opposed by Pundit Jagannath. However King ShivDutt was convince to execute the plan. As according to king ShivDutt, nothing was wrong when it result him to the victory of King VirendraSingh and Chandrakanta. Furious Punditji left ShivGarh (the only remained fort in possession of King ShivDutt) in order to get the solution of this problem.

As the faithfuls of pundit were considering Chandilal responsible for this mishap. Chandilal played his game and get reinforced king ShivDutt’s faith in him.

In ChunarGarh King ViredraSingh, Chandrakanta, ParamveerSingh, TejSingh and others played various tactics on Mayajal to break her and know what possible damage could be done by Chandilal and his plans. Were they succeed?

As in last episode, the character of TejSingh was introduced, this episode introduces Abhimanyu Singh. If you have read the book you know the importance of the characters of TejSingh and his father in the entire series of books.

When Tejshingh was going to ChunarGadh to accomplish his mission (you can guess what is his mission); he encounters with Abhimanyu Singh. Does that make any change in the course of events planned?

In ChunarGarh When VirendraSingh, Chandrakanta and others are planning to grab Chandilal into their custody and torture him, Chandilal was thinking of possible next hurdle(s) in his mission to reach to the throne of ShivGarh. As Pt. Jagannath left away ShivGarh, one of his biggest worries was resolved on its own, but BadriNath is still a wall in his path. KrurSingh, who is always trying to find his personal gain from the events being happened found a new person to befriend with, and the new person is no one else but Chandilal himself. Will Chandilal welcome KrurSingh, or will he think to keep him away and play safe?

One more character is to be entered on the canvas of the TV serial, named Bhavani Singh. He is considered as a great warrior. And if he found that Chandi’s plans can result into getting back the possession of kingdom of ChunarGarh, he may help Chandi in the same. Because, for Bhavani Singh, ShivDutt is not less than God. So let us see what is going to happen next.

Vinod Kapoor’s acting is top in this episode. The person playing KrurSingh fails creating the fear and impact, the veteran actor Akhilendra Mishra did. Also his get-up is not much convincing. For example look at his mustaches. Raja Chaudhari may play various characters, but he doesn’t look like a fearsome warrior, and his dialog delivery is making the impact less. Shikha looks aged and beautiful, she tries well. Santosh Shukla is unable to show charisma of the character he is playing. The background music and title song both are good. The sets are sometimes very good and convincing and sometimes not much. Also the stuff is portrayed in larger then the life manner, so nothing is much realistic. Vindu Dara Singh is convincing. It is seen that money is really spent in high amount for the serial. Some wrong choices of the material though doesn’t help creating the impact it should.

Overall, if you like larger than life melodrama and can avoid some loopholes in almost every aspect, you will enjoy it.


Unfortunately this episode (and all other episodes of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki) are no more legally available for free to watch on YouTube. May we see this TV Series on DVD Soon!

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