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Google and the SmartPhone / Tablet PC Market

With the news that Nexus 7 is already a hit product for Google. Almost all the quota of Nexus 7 to produced in the near future is already sold and Google might be surprised seeing such overwhelming response. Market runs on the supply-demand chain. Usually the companies have to worry about the demand of their product as mostly the production is not an issue for them. The case is different here. The demand for 16GB Nexus 7 is so high that the company is not able to cop up with the supply, at least at this point of time. And hence Google have stopped taking new orders for the same!

Google is not for the first time in the hardware market. But it is hitting a bull’s eye (or it seems so) for the hardware stuff for the first time (at this level). Earlier when the Android based phones by Google didn’t picked up the rhythm it was said that Google hasn’t the link up with the retail customers which is a down point for them in the retail market. But it seems Google get it right, now. A lesson to learn is if the quality product at the competitive price is there, there is the market for the same. But yes, you have to create the hype and reach to the customer. So you have to try out new ways of marketing/promoting/selling the product to keep up in the market. Google Play, the Google store we can say; is the official place Google have created to be in contact with the retail customers and it is paying off.

It is worth to note than $199 Nexus 7 have earned mostly the positive reviews from almost everywhere it is analyzed. Sure, it might not be the best product in the category, but it might be giving the best value for the money, which people wants. The market of smartphones and Tablet PCs is growing and it will keep growing (at least the current situations say that). And there are so many quality players entering the market. Arguably Apple is still dominating the market with its super-hit iPhone and iPad products. The coming version of iPhone and iPad have already started making headlines, which makes us predict that it will also be warmly welcomed by the consumers of course. The another big player in the market is Amazon, well, its Kindle is a hit and it is planning to release it’s another version. Amazon have probably the best consumer base and the direct retail market of customer base in the world. And that is the biggest plus point for them. They can approach the consumers directly and that is the most desired thing in the market. Apple’s iStore and Google’s play are their steps in this way and they are growing steadily but still Amazon have its large part of the pie.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the market of SmartPhones and Tablets will move ahead. Because another big player in the market is Microsoft. It’s tablet PC “Surface” is making big waves too. And it will surely give a big competition to the other players.

Google however made wise move to tie up with famous mobile brands and having Android OS available in the same before a while which is paying up to them. Samsung’s Android based Smart phones are getting popular day by day and covering good consumer base. Now LG is also planning to have Android based Smarphone, which will make Android’s reach even wider. The Android 4.0 ICS based LG Optimus 4X HD which will hit the stores in coming weeks with a Rs. 34,990 price tag in India, for example.

Google is now also entering in one more field. It is planning to start a web academy too! It is reportedly said that Google is tieing up with NIIT to launch web academy in India; as the starting point and then it will be rolled over around the world!

So it seems that Google is being more and more integral and important part of the tech segment of people’s life.

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  1. According to various news source, in order to be an important player in the Tablets game, Microsoft have decided to keep the price of its tablet – known as Windows Surface – lower than the equivalent iPad. It would be interesting to see how the things move ahead.
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