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Rosesh Developed Insomnia | Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Reviews

Insomnia (or sleeplessness) is an individual’s report of sleeping difficulties. And we know that it is common to get it developed in the workaholic people. It also troubles the people who is working in target oriented fields (which field is not like that now a days?!). But getting is developed in Rosesh is something tough to believe. May be the people having very comfortable life and lack of challenges also resulted into the same!

Movie : Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai
Writer : Aatish Kapadia
Director : Deven Bhojani
Genre : Sitcom
Starring : Satish Shah, Ratna Pathak, Sumeet Raghavan, Rupali Ganguly, Rajesh Kumar, Deven Bhojani, Arvind Vaidya, Rita Bhaduri and others

Of course this episode is not about serious discussion about insomnia or its causes. It is about how Rosesh (who got insomnia developed) becomes a serious problem to the others. So in one way you can say it is the serious stuff about insomnia:) Well fun apart, let us take a look at the content of the episode.

It was around 3:00am when Maya wakes Indravadan up by hearing some scary sounds. She asked Indu that someone is speaking very strangely, Indu asks her to stop talking and got asleep (meaning, you are making scary sounds!). Both of them again hear a very strange sound and it was thought like a ghost or something similar. Maya doesn’t forget to have Monisha’s reference in this situation as well. However when they collected the courage to go and find the source of the sound they comes out of their bedroom and found Rosesh playing violin. When Rosesh saw them, he greeted them “Good Evening!” and it was enough to make Indu angry (for that matter it will make anyone angry when someone makes some strange and scary noise at 3:00am and then greets you good evening!!).

Maya asks Indu to let her handle the situation (as Rosesh is her favorite child, and literally a child as per her vision). When she tried asking Rosesh “What Happened?”. She gotta know that Rosesh was unable to sleep that is why he thought to play some music. Indu got even angrier and seek for the clarification from him that why he is making some noise like if there is a wild cat making a cry when she got some glass particles stiffed in her throat; and calls it a music!!! Maya tried calm Indu and tried to take care of the situation.

She asked Rosesh that why he was unable to got asleep today? Is there anything specific happened? Rosesh asked that he feels that there is nothing more left in the life. He feels empty at the heart. The sleep got slipped from him. When Maya tried know more about the situation Rosesh explained the details about how he tried to got asleep but he cannot. He explains that at 11:00PM he decided to go for the bed so 1) He got his teeth brushed 2)Took a shower 3) Placed the soap into the plastic case 4)Dried the toothbrush via hair-dryer 5)Got the wet surface sweep by maid 6)Drunk the milk with honey 7) Oiled his hair with some natural hair oil 8) Got his night dress ironed and donned 9) Did prey the God about the long life of Maya and tried to sleep; as usual; but unable to got asleep! After this long explanation about the Indu asked a valid question that if you will do so many things how can you get time to fall asleep!!! He than asks Maya that how his (to be) wife will handle with these situations! However for Maya the priority is Rosesh’ problem (not his to be wife’s?) at the point.

Rosesh than confirms his parents that he will be fine and don’t worry for them. But Indu asked what about us? (Let us sleep, man). Despite from Rosesh’ confirmation that he will not play violin anymore Indu got it from him and went to bed. Rosesh confirms that he doesn’t like to disturb others (so not to worry)! And after his parents went to bed he went to Sahil’s home and keep ringing doorbells (He doesn’t like to disturb others!!!). When Sahil opened the door Rosesh gave him a naughty look and asked that he is getting bored! Sahil asked shall we play a game then!! He then asks Sahil for some music CDs he is looking for to play! As when he plays violin, his parents got disturbed and he doesn’t like to disturb them (and when he will play CDs they will not be disturbed!!!!)

Sahil let him in and asked Monisha to provide the classical music CD Rosesh is looking for. Actually that CD was given by Maya to Monisha. We see that Monisha placed the CD in the kitchen as she is using it to cut the slices when she was making some sweets! When Rosesh asked her that why she is using this CD with classical songs for this purpose, she asks that there are no songs in the CD only some aa-oo kind of sounds (are there in the CD). Sahil then asks Rosesh to take the CD with him and leave as the sweets are sliced using the CD the voice of the singer got more sweet and he will enjoy it. Though Rosesh found the CD got corrupt (and hence cannot be played back). He than asks Sahil that if he has any other CD available to him. Getting irritated with noisy conversation with Rosesh, Sahil asks him to speak slowly and point him the location of his music collection. He asks Rosesh that he can take any of the CD from that collection and when he return to his home, simply go by closing the door. He and Monisha then went to bed.

Do you know how Rosesh checked the CDs from the collection? Will he be able to fall asleep then or became a headache for the others? There are so many incidents and so many tricks to get his insomnia cured, explored in the episode. It is worth watching. The comic timings of the entire cast is superb and the script is well written too. It floods the humor naturally. It is one of those episodes which are focused more on Rajesh kumar and let him show his skills. A worth to watch episode. Nice DVD quality.

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