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Flipkart Is Gearing Up To Retain Its Place | Tech Updates

The recent launch of Amazon in India Marketplace have definitely affected a lot of online business. FlipKart is no doubt one of the major players in the Indian E-Commerce market which now have to compete with Amazon in addition to the local players. It seems they are gearing up to retain its place in the market by making several efforts.

They have closed their Flyte – online music store due to business reasons.
They are offering more commission to affiliates for July 2013.
They keep adding more products and diversify its product spectrum even more.

Now according to Economic Times, Flipkart was able to raise a huge amount of money from their existing investors. The amount is said to be around USD 200 million (INR 1,200 crore approximately). This much amount definitely back the service to get armed for any fight and it can take any policy decision without worrying for money.

This investment definitely give them a chance to introduce some new features in their E-Commerce portal. Will they be providing video on demand too? It would be interesting to see.

However what we wonder is we are unable to find any shouting about this positive attribute for them on their official blog or press page! Even their blog is not updated since long. So they might have to pay attention towards that also.

What you think about this news? How it will affect the E-Commerce in India? Which features you would like to see in Flipkart and other E-commerce stores?

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