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Danzel Washington’s Commencement Speech At University of Pennsylvania | Words Of Wisdom

Danzel Washington, the academy award winner, actor, was invited to give commencement speech in 2011. The actor focused more on learning from failure and have courage to face it. It is possible that you may not get succeed on the first chance, but you should keep trying as life moves on. He shares his real life experiences including his failures and rejections. The speech is interesting and motivational. Though in the first half of the same, you will find a few adult references but the complete package is rather good.

Here it is for you…

Let us try to consolidate the speech in our views. May be our understanding can be different than yours, you are welcome to comment.

  • Don’t fall back on anything but your faith, fall forward.
  • Every failed experiment takes you a step closer to the success. You need to take risks.
  • Accept the fact that you will fail at some point in your life, because it is inevitable.
  • You might have talent and education to succeed, that is necessary of course. But, it is also necessary to have guts to be failed and accept it.
  • IF you don’t fail, you don’t even are trying.
  • To get something you never had, you need to something, you never did.
  • The world needs your talent, probably more than ever.
  • Don’t make it happen that the ghost of your unfulfilled ideas and chances move around your death bed, asking you the explanation that why don’t you have tried them, why don’t you gave them a life? And, now they have to come to the graveyard with you.
  • The important thing is what are going to do with what you have (the treasure, the thoughts, the talent, the passion, the love, the money, the kindness, anything or everything) – not how much you have?
  • Your life will never going to be a straight path, just remember it.
  • Taking risks is a learning process, it is not just the moving forward process, remember it. By taking risks you got to know that what you actually know and what you don’t.
  • Start with taking small risks and gradually overcome your fears.
  • Be open to the life, be open to take new views, be open to get new opinion.
  • The chances you take, the people you meet, the people you love, the faith that you have, that is what is going to define you.
  • Never be discouraged, never hold back, give everything you got, whenever you fail – remember to fall forward.

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