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Detailed Reviews For Episode 8 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki Hindi TV Serial

The story moves ahead for the Hindi TV serial Kahani Chandrakanta Ki, and we continue reviewing the same.

We had seen that Shiv Dutt is angry and is in aggressive mood. He is keen to declare a war and attack ChunarGadh. Pundit Jagnnath analyzed the situation perfectly and he is not thinking that the situations are in their favor for this big step. Chandilal played his mind game and it is revealed that whom else he is thinking to declare the traitor in front of king Virendra Singh and queen Chandrakanta. Real Badrinath is ready to help Chandilal escape the prison.

King Virendrasingh with his queen asked their aaiyaars to keep constant watch on Chandilal and Badrinath. Even the securities of the prison is made stronger. Badrinath however was desperate to execute his plans and comes to the prison. (He is alone and came with his sword and a rope bound with an anchor, so he can climb to the cell where Chandilal kept. It was like a piece of cake for him?!). Wasn’t most of the prison (and its toughest cells, especially) kept underground? Real Badrinath single handed fought with the prison guards (some of them have a small weapon fit on the Bamboos? It looks like that). And he overpowers them (he is the hero, of course).

Bhupendra Singh (or Bhupinder Singh) is the head of the group of soldiers who are planted outside the of the cell of Chandilal. He re-inforced the security with a large number of soldiers chandilal asked him (Is the prisoner allowed to ask the same? By the way doesn’t he know that the soldiers outside his cell are not his personal bodyguards, but the security personnel of the prison?) and was answered that the security is reinforced so that he cannot escape (at least alive).

Pundit Jagannath was playing with his Ramals and doing calculations. He found that the fate of Chandilal has a chance be a person with power and authority. But he was actually in the prison at the same time. There was no news of him being able to escape from the same. Wasn’t Badrinath be able to help him doing so? What is the situation at the prison of Chunargadh?

The calculations also suggest that it could have been any moment, Chandilal was able to be inside the perimeter of ShivGadh. Does that mean he is able to escape from the prison? Yes, we see him being able to do so? Badrinath is no match in the fight. Of course, Virendra Singh was informed this mishap and he is very angry and tensed by hearing the same. Virendra Singh and Chandrakanta were discussing that these incidents will lead to another war. Punding Jagannath was also informed that Badrinath is coming accompanied with Chandilal. It is a good news for ShivGadh, of course.

What different it will make for Shiv Dutt and ShivGadh to have Chandilal at their side? Will it lead to any major positive gain to them? What ChunarGadh’s authorities will do now?

As stated earlier also, Shikha is looking older now (look at her chin and neck especially). Santosh Shukla tries to convince, but not being successful to show the Charisma expected. Rajendra Gupta, Vinod Kapoor are competent. Mamik is believable. The girl playing chapala, is not that convincing. Rest are okey. The background music is good. The sets lack the authenticity. The canvas is splendid. Overall, you can watch at leisure.

Here is the episode for you to watch and enjoy…

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