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Consumerism and E-Commerce | A View

E-Commerce is not a new thing, nor there is any specific event happened recently which made us to write on the same. Why an article on E-Commerce then?

Well, the thing is we felt that it is too much of the marketing going on now a days. Most of you have seen your mail boxes flooded with the promotional offers almost daily from the remarkable vendor. Is it actually possible to have special discounts almost everyday? No it is not. It may sound rude, but it is the correct answers. Remember the early days when the genuine discounts were there. At the year end, the vendors were selling some unsold items in special rates in order to clean the warehouse and it was available once or twice a year especially at time around Christmas in Europe and US, Canada and around Diwali in India.

So how this company manages to give discounts almost everyday? or for the matter of fact, can one sell something cheaper than it cost in terms of manufacturing, marketing, storing and selling the item? As one can clearly assume the price will be raised and then the discount will be offered, so be smart and purchase only what you need. It doesn’t only help you save money but also helps the environment as the production of the unnecessary stuff is avoided.

Of course, the economy needs consumer to keep the market running so money have liquidity. If the money stuck somewhere then it will stop the entire circle and it result into financial crisis. The benefit of E-commerce is, it genuinely able to keep the product prices lower than actually they are in the retail market.

No Retail Infrastructure Needed:
Having a shop (or showroom) at the cream location costs a lot. And then there come the furniture and decoration cost. In addition you need to bring a remarkable amount of Stock for all the major variations of the product you will be selling. That is not it, in addition running the business include even more expenses which include the maintenance, staff and their salary, electricity and telephone bills, transportation charges, sales taxes and other intangible expenses.

If we think from the buyer’s perspective, one needs to visit the shop personally which cost him the transportation. In addition you need to find out the parking for the vehicle and you need to travel through clumsy traffic and weather. Sometimes the specific item you are finding is not available and you need to wander through various stores and it may result into a hopeless visit to the market. There are several places where once you start exploring the products, you may need to purchase something. It is kind of emotional situation there.

In case of E-Commerce
One need not to visit the place physically. You can explore the stuff at your PC/MAC/Laptop or now even on your smartphone or tablet. No headache to chase the traffic, no worry to find the parking.
You can explore as many shops (available online) you want to, in order to compare the price, the product variation and other factors, before you buy.

No chain of Dealers-Distributors-Sales People:
Well, not 100%. But it definitely cuts the layers come it between the manufacturer and the consumer, whey bought through e-commerce.

Cutting of all these costs result into special prices for the consumer. E-Commerce was/is not just a boom and the success of Amazon.com, EBay,.com and others are the proofs. However it is also true that the concept is not working as expected. Still such online stores need to give advertisements in the newspapers regarding the latest deals and inform consumers about their existence. Some frauds, hacks still affect the trustability factor of such sites. Though the big names like Amazon and EBay are having some great policies making them the most trustable stores.

Our original question was is this too much of E-Commerce? remains still there. No doubt, it is the driving factor of the economy. But when a person is flooded with so many offers in his or her mail, he consider them junk and without reading much of them, send them to the trash. The solution is well in the hand of a end user. You should unsubscribe to the sites from which you do not want more offers to come and disturb you. Also make sure to share only the information you need to, avoid others. E-Commerce is a boon and make yourself able to get its advantage rather than trapped in a scam. Just be wise.

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