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The Great Maratha | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Views And Reviews

When talking about Maratha rulers and warriors name of Shivaji, Bajirao, Tatya Tope and others taken with respect. They were great at their deeds of course. There were some others also like Mahadji Shinde. The name of this warrior got famous in common public when the Hindi TV serial “The Great Maratha” was aired. The famous actor Shahbaaz Khan live the character.

The TV series focuses time when Ahmed Shah Abdali attacked India. One of his main intention to attack is not to rule the country (or its segments) forever. But collect remarkable wealth from here and transfer it to his country. Then till when possible, either a puppet ruler or one of his representative can rule the area and keep sending him money.

TV Serial : The Great Maratha
Producer : Sanjay Khan
Production House : Numero Uno Productions
Based On : Story by
Script :
Dialogs :
Music : Khayyam
ScreenPlay :
Direction :

SSanjay Khan
(with several episode directors)

Cast : Shahbaaz Khan, Mukesh Khanna, Pankaj Dheer, Parikshit Sahni, Benjamin Gilani, Bob Christo, Irfan, Maya Alagh, Arun Mathur, Sanjay Sharma, Shailendra, Deepraj Rana, Firoz Ali, Faquira, Ali Khan, Mahabir Bhullar, Zuber Sanam, Browny Parashar, Dinkar, Dev Dutt, Devesh Khan, Praksh Mhatre, Kartika Rane , and many others

One of the reasons, we should revisit the history is, it makes us wise. It makes us to know what should be done and what should not be. It thus prevents us from making mistakes and learn from the experiences of others. It is however a different matter that if we really learn from the same. It also let us know the sacrifice others did for the motherland and its our responsibility to care for those. The freedom and safety or the better environment to live doesn’t come for free. We can rise in our study and career, enjoy the events with family, can fall asleep with assured with our safety, because the people in uniform (and so does the spies, intelligence team and other patriots) are awakened. Same way the map of the country was somewhat different if it was not saved by known and unknown many bravehearts.

The content of the TV serial is a combination of facts mixed with fantasy. Some may claim that it is not sticked to the history 100%. Well it is based on a book as mentioned in the book and a little bit of cinematic liberty is always taken in most works. However, no claims against the content/incidents mentioned in the serial are raised ever. We are living with a number of historians and history experts. If they have found some issues, they could have shouted. Also there are chances that we have missed some such shouts! Anyway, let us look at the content of the tele-serial, without any prejudice.

Its the time of 1759, when Ahmed Shah Abdali was appeared on the border of Hindustan (aka Bharat – India) and Afghanistan with his army for the fifth time. This time he was invited by Rohela commandant Najib-Ud-Daula. Well, if think from the neutral perspective, Abdali was definitely a robber for the Indians but for his home country he was bringing a lot of money and other resources and might be considered as hero. We also need to understand that if the insiders like Najib-Ud-Daula haven’t called the attackers like Abdali, the history must have been something else. The fact is, when a fellow from inside (whether a family or a country) is betrayed, he is most dangerous for the entire segment of the society. Najib’s ambitions to rule are about to deform the face of the entire Republic of India. He not only welcomed Abdali but merged his army with Abdali’s to help him.

On the other side, no one was ready in India to fought Abdali. One of the most dangerous and disastrous situations of the Republic of India when it was segmented in smaller and tinier states and counties, was, that everyone was thinking about the area of his own ruling. No one cared about the entire country. It happened in the time when Alexander attacked, it happened when Ghori and others attacked, but who cared? If the all the states and counties were united at the time, the borders and history of the Republic of India was different than it is.

But of course, there were people, who love the motherland, who don’t care for the personal interest(s) when the country is talked. One such fellow was Maratha ruler Peshwa Balaji Bajirao who sent an army of around 2 lakh soldiers from a remarkably far place, Pune, under the leadership of his cousin SadaShivRao Bhau. In 1761 there was deadly battle fought between the armies of Abdali and Bhau in the ground of Panipat. In this battle there was a hero who was almost died and we can say was reborn to complete his uncomplete deads. It not only reinforced the joy, patriotism, cheerfulness and will to fought the attackers in Marathas but also expanded the rule of Maratha in Northen India as well. He was – Mahadji Sindhiya (also written as Schindia and also called Shinde).

It is the tale of Mahadji.

The TV Serial focusing the incidents is a fantasized picturization of the historical incidents mentioned in the book(s) used as the base of the research. This is the TV serial where Bob Christo played the longest role of his career as Ahmed Shah Abdali, the antagonist. Irfan Khan played Najib-Ud-Daula, again the antagonist, convincingly. Shah Baaz Khan has the persona to play a leader and warrior and he plays the protagonist convincingly. We can tell the same for two other legendary TV actors Mukesh Khanna and Pankaj Dheer. We will keep reviewing the stuff episode wise.

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