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Reader’s Digest India | December 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

December 2013 issue of Reader’s Digest is the last one for the year 2013 (of course)! And we are quite hopeful to end the year with some really great reading. The issue reached us a little late and then we were busy with reading some books and other stuff to post reviews for the same which delayed us to post reviews for the Dec 2013 issue of RD. But, no delay anymore, here it is… As the winter is started in India, the people are more health conscious. Hence we did expect some big stuff related to health. This time ... Read More »

Reader’s Digest India | October 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

We got the subscriber’s copy of Reader’s Digest magazine (India Edition) very late for October 2013 issue. We have almost lost hope to receive it, but got it finally to our amazement. Though we do not blame RD team for the same, as in past also we experienced the same, and November 2013 issue is reached quite on time. Here are our personal informative reviews for the October issue. The wallet with credit and debit cards – on the cover page, caught our attention, and we found that there is an article about – Honesty – in the issue. Actually ... Read More »

Reader’s Digest India | November 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

November 2013 issue of Reader’s Digest – India edition is quite on time. We have got the subscriber’s copy on 1st of November, which is very accurate in terms of schedule. Here are our informative reviews for the same. People are getting more and more health conscious these days. (At least we feel that, otherwise, people are health conscious since the beginning, but the availability of proven knowledge at ease, makes them to implement the same quite easily). The editorial reflects the editor’s call back to the very first issue of RD published with a health article. Reader’s reactions – ... Read More »

Reader’s Digest India | September 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

The September 2013 issue of Reader’s Digest (India Edition) is reached to us and here are our personal reviews for the same. Red background and white and yellow text is there on the cover page. There seems to be a humor special article inside, and,… well let us dig into the content to know more. Mohan Sivanand clears the details about whether RD India is closing soon or not. What is the kind of bankruptcy it have faced in USA and how is it’s current situation? He also talks about humor related articles and RD’s reader’s reactions towards the same. ... Read More »

Reader’s Digest India | August 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

This time we got our subscription copy of Reader’s Digest Magazine (India edition) – August 2013, even before the scheduled time, so here are our personal reviews for the same. The cover page shows the piggy bank in the getup of a thief and the title “Is Your Bank Cheating You?” gives us the hint of what to expect inside. Also the rupee (INR) is falling against USD so money oriented article was expected from this issue anyway. In – editorial – Mohan Sivanand talks some eye-opener stuff. He warns the customers to not to be fooled by over-friendly bank ... Read More »

Reader’s Digest India | July 2013 Issue | Magazine Reviews

Monsoon is running in full-throttle showing its diverse effects at various places. We expect an article about Monsoon or health care in this season, in Reader’s Digest magazine’s July issue (however if there is no such article found, there is nothing to disappoint). Let us get a quick look at the content of the same. This time it is a black background cover page, with the announcement of central article – Animals that act like people. Well, it is up to you to decide whether it is good or bad (that animals behave like people). It is a 12 page ... Read More »