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Shootout at Wadala | Bollywood Crime Thriller Fiction | Movie Reviews

Shootout at Wadala | Bollywood Crime Thriller Fiction | Movie Reviews

There is a successful series of films Bollywood produced in the Crime Thriller section which are impressed by some of the real incidents revolved around the under-world. Of course, the stuff is then mixed with fiction to give cinematic experience. There are a number of such films liked by the people. The recent most in the list is – Shootout At Wadala – which is declared a commercial hit. Movie : Shootout At Wadala Director : Sanjay Gupta Screenplay : Sanjay Gupta, Sanjay Bhatia, Abhijit Deshpande Story By : Sanjay Gupta, S. Hussain Zaidi Based On : Dongri to Dubai ... Read More »

The Brethren | A Legal Thriller Novel By John Grisham | Views And Reviews

John Grisham – a lawyer by profession is a writer by passion. He is known for his legal thrillers. Some of his works are made into movies as well. He was also invited as a commencement speaker at the North Carolina University. The Brethren – is a legal thriller written by him which was initially published in year 2000. Book Title : THE BRETHREN Author : John Grisham Publisher : Random House Publishing Group (2010) The book very closely and authentically shows the entire process of presidential election in USA. Each of the detail is well thought and written very ... Read More »

You Only Live Twice| James Bond Film | Hollywood Movie Reviews

You Only Live Twice| James Bond Film | Hollywood Movie Reviews

Fifth in the James Bond film series, this was the first film which do not follow the book. It took some characters and locations from the book but goes with entire new story. The trend then was followed in other Bond movies. The poster of the movie says [Sean Connery Is James Bond (in) Ian Fleming’s] You Only Live Twice …and “Twice” is the only way to live!. Movie : You Only Live Twice Producers : Harry Saltzman, Albert R. Broccoli Director : Lewis Gilbert Screenplay : Roald Dahl Based On : You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming Starring ... Read More »

Maharathi | Hindi Movie On DVD | Bollywood Film Reviews

Maharathi (as per pronunciation – the spelling is Maharathee) is a word used for a warrior who can overpower thousands in war. Actually Rath – means Chariot. There are various segments a warier can be distinguished into, like Ardha-Rathi, Rathi, Maharathi etc. In modern days the word is used for warier and even game players at some extent. Movie : Maharathi Director : Shivam Nair Produced by : Dhillin Mehta Music By : Shibani Kashyap Cinematography : Venu Isc Editor : Aarti Bajaj Distributed by : Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd Released On : 5 December 2008 Starring : Paresh Rawal, ... Read More »

Thunderball | James Bond Film | Hollywood Movie Reviews

The poster of the movie Thunderball (which is fourth in the James Bond series) says, “Look Up! Look Down! Look Out! Here comes the biggest Bond of all”. Movie : Thunderball Based On : James Bond (character) by Ian Fleming Director : Terence Young Producers : Kevin McClory Screenplay : Richard Maibaum, John Hopkins Starring : Sean Connery, Adolfo Celi, Claudine Auger, Luciana Paluzzi, Rik Van Nutter, Bernard Lee, Guy Doleman, Martine Beswick, Molly Peters, Earl Cameron, Paul Stassino, Desmond Llewelyn, Roland Culver, Lois Maxwell, Philip Locke, George Pravda, Michael Brennan, Anthony Dawson, Bill Cummings, André Maranne, and others Thunderball ... Read More »

Colombiana | Action Thriller Movie | English Film | Views And Reviews

Action thrillers movies are usually considered as a safe bat in terms of box office. If you have good ingredients mixed up in good proportion, something riveting in the story and some death-defying stunts the film usually does good at the box office. Colombiana is having the star power as well. After the success of Avatar – Zoe Saldana – is famous universally. And like we believe in action by Carrie-Anne-Moss after Matrix, people will believe same (if not to that extent) for Zoe, after Avatar. Zoe is playing the protagonist and the entire movie is revolving around her. There ... Read More »