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Having comparatively lower budget then movie but a remarkably large amount of time to explore the stuff in detail, makes TV Serial a better creative option. It also gives freedom to tell various stories or incidents in different episodes by exploring them in the way needed. Some of the TV serials make its non-removable mark in the viewer’s mind.
Now in this digitized time, some of such classic TV serials are available as a set of DVD for home entertainment and gives opportunity to watch at leisure. Some of such TV Series are available to watch online also.
Here is a collection various TV Serial reviews, mostly episode wise.

Medical Bills episode from Flop Show TV Serial On DVD

The second episode of Jaspal Bhatti’s “Flop Show” is about the “Medical Bills”. In most offices (especially, government offices, or corporates, not the smaller ones), there is medical allowance is offered to the employee. The idea is, if someone is worry free about his/her self and family’s health related expenses, the person can devote more efforts to the office/business’ favor. Though it is found that employee used to make a fraud here (not all, of course, but a lot). There are various ways to earn money via this facility. Like, have the medical stores to issue false bills and pay ... Read More »

Flop Show TV Serial on DVD views and reviews

In 1989, when it was running the Golden Times for DoorDarshan, Indian Television Network; the TV series “Flop Show” was aired. It was a show written and directed by Mr. Jaspal Bhatti, who himself played one of the protagonist in the same. Jaspal Bhatti is a noted humorist, who took on the current issues in a his own manner. He choose a very unusual name for his tv series “Flop show”, and even his name comes in the title as “misdirected by Jaspal Bhatti”. With each episode he tried to explore a new segment of the society which either creates ... Read More »

Views and reviews of Episode of Udaan Hindi TV Serial On DVD

Views and reviews of Episode of Udaan Hindi TV Serial On DVD

Supported by his family and his qualities, BrijMohan Singh is now firm on his decision to take the battle ahead. He is meeting his lawyer (equally competent actor, see his body language through out the serial) in order to do the formalities to appeal for the decision of (sessions?) court for his land case, into high court. Though the lawyer advice BrijMohan Singh, that if he files the case, as a lawyer he will get professional benefit but personally he prefer him to not to go ahead. As the new owner of the land HarDayal Singh is a smugler and ... Read More »

Udaan : The flight Continues … | Hindi TV Serial on DVD views and reviews

Udaan : The flight Continues … | Hindi TV Serial on DVD views and reviews

It has been a little longer time lapse we discussed the journey of Kalyani Singh. So lets get more glimpses of the interesting and inspirational journey. Now as BrijMohan singh’s land is sold to a smuggler HarDayal Singh, by Thakur PitambarSingh (BrijMohan’s father) and Banvari (BrijMohan’s younger brother), and captured by the new owner. He have no place to live and work at. So they are shifted to the nearest city and started living in a very small home, where there is no privacy. Now BrijMohan have started working as a weaver at home. He started dealing in woolen clothes, ... Read More »

Tehkikaat | TV Serial | Next Episode on DVD views and reviews

The car heading towards Goa, from Bombay (Mumbai now), had to stop because of a road closed interruption. The lady in the black and her driver in white comes out to inquire the reason. The police inspector on duty there, asked that the road is closed. And they cannot go ahead. They need to turn around from that very place. As if they go ahead, there is not even place to U-turn the car. The inspector then asked them go back and after some distance they can turn towards a rough road, and they can head to a hotel. That ... Read More »

Somprabha And Her Three Suitors | Vikram aur Betaal | TV Serial on DVD Views and Reviews

Again, as Vikram spoke, to answer the question of Betaal, he escaped from Vikram’s custody. Though Vikram followed him and fought him deadly to take back in his custody and again they started for the Yogi’s place. On the way, Betaal praised Vikram for his bravery, intelligence and analytical skills. To kill the time, he started telling a new story to Vikram. It was the story of “Somprabha and her three suitors”. Related reading for you: Tale 1 : Vikarm Aur Betaal : TV Serial On DVD : Views and Reviews Love Story of Yashodhan | TV Serial Vikram aur ... Read More »