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TV Serial

Having comparatively lower budget then movie but a remarkably large amount of time to explore the stuff in detail, makes TV Serial a better creative option. It also gives freedom to tell various stories or incidents in different episodes by exploring them in the way needed. Some of the TV serials make its non-removable mark in the viewer’s mind.
Now in this digitized time, some of such classic TV serials are available as a set of DVD for home entertainment and gives opportunity to watch at leisure. Some of such TV Series are available to watch online also.
Here is a collection various TV Serial reviews, mostly episode wise.

Episode 3 Sinhasan Battisi | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Doordarshan TV Series

Whatever happened between the princess and the donkey you might already have watched so far (or at least guess it right), let move ahead hearing the tale ahead. Related reading for you: Reviewing Sinhasan Battisi | TV Serial On DVD Sinhasan Battisi | The moral, ethics and justice centric tales from ancient India Reviewing Episode 4 of Hindi TV Serial ... Read More »

Reviewing Sinhasan Battisi | TV Serial On DVD

King Bhoj became enthusiastic to get know more about the shepherd boy and the way he judge the cases. He along with his minister visits the court of the shepherd boy by disguising himself as a villager. He sees the way the shepherd boy judge the case and ultimately found that the Brahmin couple was actually speaking the truth. Related ... Read More »

Ph.D. Students and their guide – Flop Show Tv Serial On DVD Reviews

The fifth episode of satirical titled “Flop Show” Mr. Bhatti takes on the education system actually. Though, the focus is set on the candidates and his guide helping them in conquering Ph. D. – the degree of excellence in a specific field. It shows how the guides are using the candidate’s dependency on them for his own personal interest and ... Read More »