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Office Office Hindi TV Serial On DVD Episode 9 and 10 Reviews and Details

Detailed information and reviews for the Episode 9 and Episode 10 of Office Office Hindi TV Serial which is now available on DVD. These episodes revolve around an AD Agency and how a client have had interesting experiences there.

TV Serial : Office Office
Director : Rajiv Mehra
Manufacturer : Eagle Home Entertainment
Video Encoding : All Regions
Number of Discs : 16
Actors : Pankaj Kapoor, Ashawari Joshi, Sanjay Mishra, Deven Bhojani, Hemant Pandey, Manoj Pahwa, Eva Grover

This episode starts at the office of B&B Ads (an advertising) agency. Patel was busy playing some game on his cellphone (very old fashioned of course), and Shukla was sleeping on the bench in the sitting position. The elderly customer asks Patel that what is he doing by pointing towards Shukla. Patel sasys he is thinking!!! The customer starts wondering, and asks that the last time when came to get one AD prepared by the company Shukla was not thinking that way. Patel replies, last time your budget was low, that’s why! Anyway, the customer is interested in his work and he asks Patel to be careful when making AD this time, as last time they have prepared the AD for the same customer with so many mistakes.

When Patel asked what mistakes? The customer explains that the ADVERTISEMENT of bidi (a cheaper alternative of cigarette) titled Pehlvan (wrestler) Chaap (Brand) Bidi (Beedi), you needed to show the Pehlvan wearing the underwear on the poster and you displayed a girl wearing (just the) underwear on the same. Which was not proper of course. Patel explains that it was not a mistake, but done deliberately!!! Because the glamor is needed in the AD to make it a hit.

We of course realize that this is the fact that there are a number of AD comes to our way which are showing women as sex object in the name of having glamors. Some shoes company shows a nude couple wearing a pair of shoes, having their private parts covered with a snake, girls are appearing in the ADs of undergarments made for men. In some perfumes you see that women cannot resist the smell and gone with the man who used it! Some creams make you looking glorious and gorgeous in a couple of weeks, some drinks makes you tall, some pills make you heavy weight champion from skinny boy, …. the list is endless.

At the same time Shukla shouts that he got the idea. We see Mr. Bhatiya the owner of the AD Agency enters the office, he is eating something as per his usual habits and talking on the cell phone with a customer regarding his new AD, walking along with his secratery Tina taking notes and peon Pandey holding the tray of cake. The vendor on the phone is interested in having AD for launch of his new product, a buiscuit, and what else Mr. Bhatiya want then food. He asks him to send some to test the taste! Bhatiya asks Tina about the AD shoot they were planning and Tina confirm that the shoot is planned at 9:00 the next day in the office itself. At the same time a call come from someone which is picked by peon Pandey, who like himself to be called as Pandey-ji.

Mr. Musaddilal Kheda is on the line. Musaddilal explains him that his company have started production of new soap. And he is interested in having the AD to be designed by B & B company to launch the same. Mr. Bhatiya advised him to make some food products rather, as per his habit and then finally they decide to meet next day at 9:00Am sharp.

We see that the AD shooting is started of a Bidi named Boss Bidi. Ushaji, production executive is playing a maid. Pandey is playing a gentleman in the AD. To reduce the production cost Bhatiya uses his staff as actors in the AD, in stead of taking professional artists! We see at the same time the final rehearsal is about to start, Usha aka Ushaji got a ring on her cell. She started talking happily and stopped only when Bhatiya told her to take her time in the conversation on phone, if the shoot is delayed the loss will be deducted from her salary!!! We see the final rehearsal. The rehearsal was good and Patel waiting for the slogan from Shukla got the slogan ultimately as “Boss Bidi Swarg Ki Sidi” (Boss Bidi, the path to heaven)!

Happy with the rehearsal and ready with the slogan, Patel now tells the artist for the actual take. Explains everything to everyone and confirms and finally asks Pandey to go away and come when called during the AD (as this is the way the AD is planned). Pandy gets irritated when called Pandey, he loves being called Pandey-ji. We see from his attitude that when the director will call him like “Come Pandey” he will not come!

The shoot starts, Usha started doing cleaning work as per the script, Patel calls Pandey to enter the set three times but Pandey didn’t come as he is called as Pandey. Though instead Mr. Musaddilal Kheda enters as per his appointment. Unaware of the situation that the shooting is going on he enters and asks Usha about her boss, as he needs to meet him. Everything goes as per the script. Someone noticed that this is the wrong guy, not Pandey but, as it was looking natural Patel let it go on, and the AD shoot was completed. Everyone was happy as the things shoot properly. The only unhappy man was Musaddilal who then explains that he is not an actor but a client.

Bhatiya says sorry to him for the mess up and asks his secretary to take him to his chamber with respect.

Bhatiya and Musaddilal then discusses about the soap Musaddilal’s Kheda and Kheda company going to launch. How the things proceed from this point forward is interesting to watch.

Keep watching … 🙂

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