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Episode 1 Of Akbar The Great Hindi TV Serial On DVD Views And Reviews

Recently we heard that the 7 billionth baby is born. There might be trillions or zillions of people have ever lived on the earth. But we don’t remember them all. We are not calling all them “Great”. Mughal emperor Jalal-Ud-Din Muhammad Akbar or Akbar is one of the few who are remembered as great people lived on this earth.

There are so many films and tele serials made on Akbar and all of them have their own way to explore the things. In 90s “Akbar The Great” Hindi TV Serial was broadcasted exploring the time span from Babar to Akbar and covered the related historical incidents. The TV serial is now available on DVD so people can revisit the same or can have a fresh view of the same at their leisure at the comfort of home. In order to provide them the details regarding this TV serial we are presenting our view and reviews about the same.

TV Series :
Akbar The Great
Music : Naushad
Art : T. K. Desai
Photography : V. Subba Rao
Dialogs :
Screenplay :
Producer : Akbar Khan
Director : Akbar Khan
Cast : Sahid Khan, Vikrant, Kaushal Kapoor, Shammi, Kamal Malik, Aman Quraishi, Arvind, Ishtiaq Khan, Sumita Siddharth, Gazal, Syed Nawab Shah and others.
Format : DVD
Language : Hindi
Video Encoding : NTSC All Regions

It all starts with the famous lines:

“Sooraj Hoon Zindagi Ki Ramak Chhod Jaaunga
Main Doob Bhi Gaya To Shafaq Chhod Jaaunga”

The episode starts with the commenary in the voice of Harish Bhimani providing briefs about the history of India on the fly.

The actual story starts with the introductory information about Zahir-ud-din Muhammad Babar famous as Babar. He blonged to the ice topped mountain rainges. His destiny brought him to the land of Hindustan (or Bharat or BharatVarsh, India). He fought and won the battle against proudy and cruel Ibrahim Lodi at the battlefield of Panipat. Babar struggled a lot in his lifetime including wondering to the new areas, fighting numerous battles, settling political issues, implement proper ruling and balance the social circumstances amongst the citizens of various religions.

In one such war against Chittod (also wrote as Chittor, Chittaur, ChittodGadh, ChittaurGarh etc…) of Rajasthan, he won the Rajput king of Chittod. But when he along with his trusted and brave commanders tried to hoist the flag of Sultanat-e-mughaliya on the fort of Chittor; Karmavati the princess of Chittod attacks him. Though Babar saved from the attack but when was in conversation with Karmavati, Babar got fascinated with the bravery, love for the motherland and fighting spirit with never say die atitude. Babar wass lover of ethics and qualities. He praised her attitude and offers her the kingdom back.

Karmavati angry with the feeling of being helped as a poor women who is orphan now, refused to take the same and asked Babar that she do not need sympathy anyway. Rajputi qualities implanted within her do not let her absorb being under the burden of sympathtically helped by the enemy. Though, Babar cleared that he offers her the kingdom back not as part of sympathy nor philanthropy but based on the qualities Karmavati possess, she considers her as his own daughter. As a father he is offering him the kingdom in the gift. He then called his genuine most son Humayun to consider Karmavati as his sister. He declares that the kingdom of Chittod should be respected same as the Sultanat-e-Mughlia. If anyone fight against Chittod or does anything wrong against Chittod, it would be considered as the same agains Mughal Sultanat.

Karmavai then ties the thread of her dress on the wrist of Humayun and explains that this is called as Rakhi. This is the unique tradition of Hindustan. No other country in the world respects the relation of the Brother and the Sister in such a nice and great way. By tieing the thread of Rakhi a sister well wishes for her brother by all the means and in return brother also promises her to be at her side to protect and help her in any circumstances unconditionally. Humayun too took the responsibility with delight and promises her the same love, affection and favour in any need. This is really an unique incident which is written in the Golden words in the books of history where there are lot of darkest events also written. Later when Karmavati was needed help Humayun tried his best to help her, remembering the relation between both.

Babar was not only a fighter but also a poet by heart. His most of work in Farasi or Turkey is considered as of remarkable quality. He have number of sons including Kamaran and Humayun but he knew that the most genuine one of them all is Humayun. He proved the same with an incident to his wife also. We will not disucss that incident and rather left it for you to view it on your own. May be this is the root from where the witty stories of Akbar-Birbal came later!!!

Babar was overwhelmed with the land people of Hindustan. He wrote a lot of positive about the same in his writings. He wanted to make Hindustan a place where people from all religions live happily and warmly togather. He orderd to keep respect intact for the pious places of Hindus. Cows are respected by the Hindus and hence Babar issued orders for the same as well. He appointed brave Hindus at remarkable place in his administration also. The ladies of his palace were got to know a lot about the Hindustani traditions due to availability of women in the palace. Babar never seen any Hindu women in abusive way. The same tradition and qualities are wide spread by Akbar later on during his ruling. So Akbar did truly walk on the path of his ancestors!!!

The incident also explored in the episode when Babar happily gifts the world famous gem “KohiNoor” to Humayun.

Babar used to arrange social ceremonies or regular intervals. In one such dinner event based on the behavior of FaridKhan Suri – the son of commandant Hasankhan Pathan of Lodi ((or Lodhi) clan; he forewarns Humayun to keep an eye on him by predicting that he may create problems for him in the future.

Only if you can avoid the quality of the fort (the set), the DVD quality and sometimes not that great acting; it is really a must watch serial. The research done is remarkable and some incidents are filmed nicely. Music is must to mention, it is really great. Wars are also filmed in comparatively better ways.

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