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Office Office Hindi TV Serial On DVD Episode 11 Reviews and Details

Detailed information and reviews for the Episode 11 of Office Office Hindi TV Serial which is now available on DVD. This episode revolves around a local newspaper press and how a genuine person have had interesting experiences there due to the mistakes of the staff of the same.

TV Serial : Office Office
Director : Rajiv Mehra
Manufacturer : Eagle Home Entertainment
Video Encoding : All Regions
Number of Discs : 16
Actors : Pankaj Kapoor, Ashawari Joshi, Sanjay Mishra, Deven Bhojani, Hemant Pandey, Manoj Pahwa, Eva Grover

Mr. Musaddilal Grover came to a press in order to get obituary to be published about her 70 years old father. The person on the desk, Mr. Shukla however was awaiting details about a rape happened recently. By mistake he was thinking that Musaddilal was the fellow who came to report the details about the same incident. All the details Musaddilal provide about his late relative, Shukla analyze in the other perception.
Some of such questions were

  • What was the age? (Answer: 70 years); Shukla thinks how disgusting?
  • When does it happened? (Answer: Tomorrow is the Chautha – the religious cum social event to follow on the fourth day of the death); Shukla thinks, we gotta know it was yesterday, Musaddilal says, yes it seems like it was yesterday.
  • Where does that happened?(Answer: When she was in the Bath) – no comments needed here.
  • How many people got her? (Answer: Four people have got her and around more than a 100 people followed – Musaddilal was telling about the funeral)
  • Didn’t you try stopping them?

and many more…

Shukla started preparing news based on the facts Musaddilal provided during the conversation. However at last when Musaddilal provided the photo of the dead person Shukla cross verified the details and then the confusion was cleared finally. Shukla gets angry on Musaddilal for wasting his time and at the same time the fellow he was waiting for came in, and Musaddilal was asked to wait. As the rape case is more important than the obituary (as it help increasing the newspaper sale)!
He was taken to Ushaji by peon Patel in order to get his work done.

Ushaji was busy learning a recipe from her mother-in-law though. She parallely asked Musaddilal about the details. Musaddilal asked to print the photo. When Ushaji asked do you want any message to be printed Musaddilal told the message but she mixed it in the recipe details she was hearing from her mother-in-law. Musaddilal gets warn on Ushaji’s behavior and he demand to read the obituary message she wrote. After reading that he got angry on her.

Mr. Bhatiya – the chief editor of the news paper comes in. He unaware with the stuff made fun of Musaddilal and then get a little angry on him. But after listening to him, he understood that there was the mistake from his staff. He apologized from Musaddilal and asked him to calm down. Then he bring Musaddilal with him. Mr. Bhatiya then send Musaddilal to Mr. Pandey who have the attitude problem. He alway liked to be called as Pandey-ji, not Pandey. He asked Musaddilal that only last page has the space and Rs. 10000 would be charged to get the photo printed there. Musaddilal tried to get settled on a cheaper alternative but ultimately had to go with the costly package though.
By mistake the newspaper have swapped Mr. Musaddilal’s father’s photo with a wanted thief’s photo and it got published the next day.
Now what???

Well you need to watch the show to know more about the incidents happened then after :).

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