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Office Office Hindi TV Serial On DVD Episode 8 Reviews and Details

Detailed information and reviews for the Episode 8 of Office Office Hindi TV Serial which is now available on DVD. This episode revolves around the private school and how a genuine common man gets humiliated there when trying to get admission in the school for his kid.

TV Serial : Office Office
Director : Rajiv Mehra
Manufacturer : Eagle Home Entertainment
Video Encoding : All Regions
Number of Discs : 16
Actors : Pankaj Kapoor, Ashawari Joshi, Sanjay Mishra, Deven Bhojani, Hemant Pandey, Manoj Pahwa, Eva Grover

We see that there are a number of parents waiting at the admission form counter of a private school in a very long queue. The only objective of theirs is to collect the admission form first. So they can fill it for their child and get him/her admission in the school. We also see that people in the queue congratulates those who get the admission form from the counter. Also people are curious to see the form at least. The queue moves forward. We see there are two hands come from outside of the counter to the clerk paying 100 Rs. each. Call it the fees or bribe but parents pay to get the form for their kid. The clerk collects money from both and gives a form to them and say the counter is closed as forms are out of stock!!! Both the fellows who get the form claims that he received the form. One of them is a Sardarji and other is Mr. Musaddilal.

Musaddilal warns sardarji that leave the form as if both of them are trying to grab it the form in turn will be torn out. Though none of them was ready to leave the possession of the form and ultimately the form was torn out. Obviously this resulted into a fight. Musaddilal however hits sardarji and in a series of funny events to his wife and son too.

After filling in the form Musaddilal visits the principal office to submit the form where he see the clerk Pandey was there outside of the door trying to overhear the happenings of inside. When Musaddilal asked him that he needs to submit the form, first Pandey asked him to come next day but when Musaddilal asked him why? He tell him that do you know what is happening inside? And asked him to try to hear if he can anything. Though Musaddilal tells that he is unable to hear anything. Pandey then told that Miss Tina is inside the cabin of this fatty principal since one and a half hour, what they might be doing? But, Musaddilal was having just one point agenda, submit the admission form for his son. He was not interested in anything else. Pandey then asked him again to come next day, as his sole agenda is to know what is happening inside between Tina and principal Patel.

As there is Sunday the next day and admission test was arranged on Monday, Musaddilal has no choice but to submit the form today itself. When he see Pandey is interested in knowing the inside details only. He suggested him to oversee the things from the keyhole. Pandey was happy on the suggestion. Though he initiate the efforts to look inside but was unable to bare seeing principal and Tina in any intimate condition as he is also interested in her. He asks Musaddilal to see from the keyhole. But Musaddilal stick to his sole agenda of submitting the form. So Pandey collected the form from Musaddilal and confirms him that his form is submitted now see inside. Musaddilal see that principal Patel and Tina was very near to each other. Pandey got angry by hearing that and attempt to see the things himself. He see that the chair is empty and no one was there!

When disappointed Pandey asks Musaddilal, Musaddilal confirms he had seen principal and a lady looking into each other. When Pandey tried again to see from the keyhole, at the same moment the door was opened and he got clashed with principal Patel. Principal Patel got angry on him for this action and asked for explanation and scold him by telling, in case if he was doing some important stuff and this incident happened then?! Pandey clarified that he already had seen that principal was doing nothing! Principal gets more angry on Pandey and scold him in his typical style. Finally Pandey and Tina did some talk in sign language and Pandey agree with the principal. Principal then send him to his home to help his wife, as the maid was on leave. When Musaddilal asked for the admission form, Principal collects it from Pandey and send him to his home.

Then he asked Musaddilal to submit the form to Ushaji. Ushaji on other hand was busy with Bhatiya, her colligue. She is trying to measure his size. Actually, she wanted to surprise her husband by getting some cloths stitched for him that is why she need to measure the size of someone who is the nearest match to her husband in physical measurements. As Bhatiya is a food lover he is oversized for Ushaji’s task. At the same time Mr. Musaddilal enters the office to meet Ushaji in order to submit the application form, of course. Ushaji was even more delighted to see Musaddilal by seeing him; more than Musaddilal was happy to see her (as he need to submit the form to her, and she is found in her office). Ushaji was delighted because, Musaddilal was the nearest match to her husband in terms of physical appearance. So her problem to get cloth measurement is resolved. Of course, we can guess that as Ushaji was happy with Musaddilal, his application form will be accepted without any doubt!

We see that a staff meeting is arranged to decide the admission test strategy. A silly idea from Tina was apprised by the principal obviously and implemented for the test. We do not disclose that idea and how it is implemented into the test including the test details, to avoid spoiling the enjoyment you will go through when watch it on your own!

Anyway Musaddilal and the Sardarji both are selected for their sons admission but the admission can be done only if they could pay the large amount of donation. Musaddilal protest against the donation stuff as it was never mentioned anywhere. Though principal Patel asks that if they need admission they need to give donation. The donation will be used to provide better services to the students like better chair etc. When Musaddilal asks about the quality of education, the principal doesn’t knew it!!! The amount is very huge and the sardarji could manage it by selling some of the land from his ancestors; but Musaddilal have no way to arrange that much money from anywhere.

What will happen now? Will Musaddilal be able to arrange admission of his son in this school to give him the better education and shining future? It is the reality now a days of the educational institutions, with a few exceptions of course.

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