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Websites… worth visiting | Video lectures | Views and reviews


As Internet is the largest encyclopedia the humans have ever built. Well, you may be disagree that the Internet can be considered as an encyclopedia. But what encyclopedias are? They hold a plenty of authorized, correct, unbiased information about the subject it is categorized within right? The same is true for the Internet. Of course you need to find out the proper place to get the correct information as there may be a lot of junk come to your way when finding some stuff.

Though the search engines of today, lets consider some of the giants of them, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. have implemented lot of intelligence to develop the coding to bring you the most relevant and authentic results to you in the response of your query. Most of well reputed newspapers are now on the internet and have their archives available also, so you can dig into the past to know all about the historical events. Though the stuff is not complete yet, but it is in the way of updation and enhancement. That’s really a great thing.

There are lot of aspects of the Internet we can discuss about. But today, let me focus my thoughts to the web site category chosen to talk about now. The greatest treasure of the men is the Knowledge. Earning the correct knowledge is the education in true meaning. Now a days as the number of schools, colleges and universities are grown significantly not only in counting but also they offer a wide variety of courses. The great thing about them is you can earn a degree in the field you love working.

Still there are places where certain type of educational institutions are not available within reach. Or may be some job timings or your other engagements prevents you visiting them personally. There are various websites provides a variety of educational videos, which you can watch at the comfort of your home. Or may be via your laptop when you are on the way to somewhere and you have your laptop and wireless internet connection handy to you. Also you can download the videos to your HardDisks or USB sticks and watch them when the wireless (or otherwise) Internet is not within the reach (though be careful that you are not violating any rules suggested by the site owner, before doing so).

In this series we will be talking about some really nice website, which provides variety of videos which are informative to the people. We will be including university video lecture related channels also.

So keep reading, keep knowing and keep watching… Coz “Knowledge is the power”.

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