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Reviewing cernland.net | A Website For Kids

As the summer vacation is approaching the kids will be having so much free time. It is definitely one of the great time of the year when they can enjoy without any restrictions and rejoice. This time also gives them the opportunity to learn some extra skills, know some new stuff, and get some real life lessons as well. This stuff will definitely be helpful to them in the rest of the life.

Nowadays as Internet is one of the affordable, available and noteworthy resource to learn some stuff. We decided to provide you reviews for some good websites which you can suggest to kids (and elders too, remember there is a kid in everyone of us 🙂 ).

Here we take an opportunity to review http://www.cernland.net.

By the way, CERN as you know stands for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (means: European Organization for Nuclear Research).

It provides you the following sections:
Explore The Universe
In this section, it let you experience the universe via a TimeShip. The sections you can explore are:

  • Today
  • Big Bang
  • Life On Earth
  • Solar System
  • More Forces Unify
  • Protons And Neutrons
  • Quark Gluon Plasma
  • Star Galaxies
  • And much more…

Here you will get information like: Today we are living on our Planet Earth that formed about 4,570 million years ago together with the Solar System. The Big Bang happened 13,700 million years ago!!! Really, amazing right? There is much more to know.

Explore The LAB
Following are the sections to explore:

  • Alice (Play and learn)
  • LHC (Discover the knowledge)
  • Atlas (Play and learn)
  • LHC and MoEDAL
  • CMS and TOTEM

Here you will get information like: CMS is particle detector made of many different layers, located deep inside the LHC, at one of the four LHC collision points. The CMS detector weights an impressive 12,500 tons – more that the entire Effiel tower! Of course, there is lot more to know.

Then there is the Multimedia section where you can get

These are the videos which are found on YouTube channel of CERN. you can find

  • CERN in 3 minutes
  • Practise Hunters
  • 50 years of CERN
  • Hunting Neutrons
  • And more..
You know all about wallpapers right!?
Print & Color
You can print outline graphics and color on your own, a nice task you will enjoy doing.

That is not all! you can have SuperBob, whom you can challenge in the tour to the accelerator. Know more about power of Ten. And yes there is a MicroBoy there too. All will give you chance to have fun.

Overall a nice site for kids to visit. It is a combination of Multimedia elements and knowledge. However the fonts sometimes are not clearly readable (for titles). And yes, don’t forget to have Flash Player plugin installed in your web browser.

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