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The situation at Red Fort Delhi | The Great Maratha | Hindi TV Serial On DVD | Views and reviews

The biggest threat to any country is not from the attackers outside, but the inside traitors. If there is no inside support any country or state or county is like a castle which is tough to defeat. But when you find someone inside supporting the outsiders, it makes their job quite easy.

This is the bitter fact we should learn from the history. And it is not the thing that we don’t know this or we do not care for this, but there are always found ambitious people who don’t care for the morals and ethics when it comes to the personal gain, based on his/her psychology and become dangerous to the entire segment of the society they betray. It is also found that sometimes ruler found too soft to rule or might not have the ability to rule. One has to be stubborn or sometimes cruel to keep ruling. Sometimes one needs to take unwelcomed decisions for the good of mass.

TV Serial : The Great Maratha
Producer : Sanjay Khan
Production House : Numero Uno Productions
Based On : Story by
Script :
Dialogs :
Music : Khayyam
ScreenPlay :
Direction :

SSanjay Khan
(with several episode directors)

Cast : Shahbaaz Khan, Mukesh Khanna, Pankaj Dheer, Parikshit Sahni, Benjamin Gilani, Bob Christo, Irfan, Maya Alagh, Arun Mathur, Sanjay Sharma, Shailendra, Deepraj Rana, Firoz Ali, Faquira, Ali Khan, Mahabir Bhullar, Zuber Sanam, Browny Parashar, Dinkar, Dev Dutt, Devesh Khan, Praksh Mhatre, Kartika Rane , and many others

In 1759 in Delhi was ruled by Mughal ruler Aalamgir and his chief minister was Ghaziuddin Khan. Aalamgir was the king no doubt but he was actually in the custody of the chief minister, and cannot take any decision against his wish. It was the chief minister got the news from the messengers that Ahmed Shah Abdali attacked again. He and his military burnt the villages and farms across Punjab after conquering the same. Najib Ud Daula’s support to him played a vital role in the same. The chief minister and his main followers got worried from the fact. They then thought over the stuff and remembered what happened last time, when Abdali came to Delhi (as it was the fifth attack of Abdali on India, this time to take revenge of the defeat of his son Taimur). It was really sad time to remember. The citizens were all left on their own fate the the emperor himself ran away. The chief minister was not ready to let it happen again! His follower confirms their unconditional support in whatever action the chief minister takes.

He was a clever man and planned a trap for the emperor. He meets the emperor, who was actually unable to declare a rule in support of his own son of her main queen Lalkunvar. The chief minister meets him and informs that Abdali attacked India and ruined the area of Punjab. Najib Ud Daula betrayed. When asked about the Maratha armies, the chief minister informs that they are also defeated brutally and not a single soldier is alive from Maratha army. The emperor felt alone and helpless. At the same time the chief minister played his trick and informed him that there is a Peer with the capabilities of a Savior! He can do anything he wish. He is angry with Abdali for killing a lot of innocents and he have the power to send him and his army back with a single word! The trapped emperor immediately got ready to meet this divine fellow in order to keep the citizens safe from the attack.

When he have asked to call the Peer to meet him, the chief minister suggested that the thirsty one have to go to the well, it doesn’t happen otherwise. And the saviors do not have any personal ambitions and they are above all rules. So it is the emperor who have go and meet him. The emperor was ready for the same as well. He was than informed that the Peer doesn’t meet anyone in the light as he is doing some divine stuff for next 40 days, so they need to meet in an underground chamber at FirozShah Kotla (a place in Delhi). The emperor was ready for that as well. When reached at the outer most door of the chamber the emperor was informed that he had to go and meet the Peer alone, as he wants to meet the questioner alone, with no one else. Thus his son, the prince of Mughal Sultanat, was kept outside and the emperor went alone to meet the savior.

What the savior will tell him?
Will he find a way to save the people from the terror of Abdali and prevent them from being looted?
What turn the history will take with the incidents followed then after?
Will Ghaziuddin be ready to let the eldest son of the emperor come back to the territory?
Will there be all well?

Well, better to watch the incidents with your own eyes. The acting of a number of actors is below the mark in this episode.

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