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Social Revolution|Akbar Birbal – Hindi TV Serial On DVD – Views and Reviews

This episode of Hindi TV Serial Akbar and Birbal, which try to convey an important message with each of its episode. Of course the serial was originally aired a very long ago, and a lot of youngsters of today didn’t get a chance to watch the original telecast of the same. A good news for those who want to view it for the first time (or want to revisit it) is that the TV serial is available as a set of DVDs and priced comparatively reasonable. It is advisable to check various online stores for the best deal before you purchase it though.

Title : Akbar Birbal
Format : DVD
Manufacturer : Eagle Home Entertainment
Number Of Discs : 4
Genre : TV Show / Television Serial
Actors : Vikram Gokhale, Anang Desai, Gufi Paintal, Roma Manik, Rana Jung Bahadur and Others…

Today we are going discuss about the episode which convey an important message: “social and religious rituals are good and has to be done, but not by putting yourself or your family’s life into the question. Sometimes we got so excited to do some social stuff that we even stop think or asking logical questions. It leads to very danger situation and has to be avoided.

We see that a widow was living in a poor condition after her husband’s death (which was happened six months ago). She has trouble arranging proper food for his child. He is having only one buffalo left and trading her milk helps her to get a little money. But that is all her income, she have no other way to earn at the point.

One day the only brahmin fellow of the village, who does all the religious rituals for everyone in the village came to meet her. He insist her to follow her dead husband’s wishes and keep his promise! Her husband from death bad have said to do proper after-life rituals and dedicate to him. He suggested to sell the buffalo if needed, to arrange the money for the same! The lady however was not ready to do it under any circumstances. Selling the buffalo who is her sole source of income, will put her and her son in the condition where they cannot survive.

The pundit then asked her that he will bring the issue to the Panchayat (a small governing body, ideally made by five wisest fellow living in the village, work on solving any problems and making the life of the village better). The determined lady was not ready to surrender at any cost.

One must have to be determined when he or she know that his/her actions are the right things to do. And a mother is always determined when it comes to her child’s future, this is the quality we have experienced in our surroundings very often.

The dramatic way the pundit have put his side in front of the Panchayat was resulted into a summon to the poor widow. Despite of all the arguments the lady was not ready to surrender here as well. And ultimately there come the situation that either she have to sell the buffalo and hand over the money earned to the pundit or get ready to get evicted from the village!!!

She was ready to leave the village, but one of her well wisher asked her to consult Birbal before doing that.

Will she be able to meet Birbal? Will she find Birbal helpful and wise? Or will Birbal ask her to do what the Panchayat says? All these things are explored in the rest of this well thought and well written episode.

Anang Desai is the top performer of this episode. He represents calm, composed, wise, determined, witty and strong yet humble, Birbal authentically. The last few dialogs are rather a message to the society. The issue the episode raises about blindly following some rituals and customs; is found even in the modern society around the world. Of course there were some wise thoughts which was resulted into a specific custom (or ritual), but as the situations and circumstances are changed, the customs have to be updated as well.

It is tough to find moral and ethical message conveying tele-serials, a chance to watch such one should not be missed. And here the interesting writing (both script and dialogs) makes is really better. The execution is simple and impactful. Even the DVD quality is good. Of course it is not in HD and have some technical limitations, but you can ignore such points for the sake of good content.

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