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Roti Aur Pyar - Katha Sagar

Roti Aur Pyar – Katha Sagar

Episode #7 of Hindi TV Serial Katha Sagar is an Indian adaptation of the famous short story Love And Bread by author August Strindberg.

TV Serial :
Katha Sagar
Episode :
Roti Aur Pyar:
Based On :
Short Story: Love And Bread
Producers : Prem Kishen Malhotra, Sunil Mehta
Episode Director :
Anil Ganguly
TV Adaptation and Dialogs :
# of Discs : 8
Actors : Ashok Kumar, Kitu Gidwani, Asha Sharma, Arun Sahni, Shubha Khote, Jankidas, and others…
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This story doesn’t represent the ideal time and situations, but it focus on hard realities. Whatever the metaphor says, whatever the philosophy says, the truth remains the truth and reality remains the reality – is the motto of the story. Some idealists may not like the story but if you keep your mind open and look at it, it is nothing else but the representation of the reality.

Anand and Asha are two young lovers who are dreaming for their future together. Anand was curious to meet Asha’s father and propose him to let him get married to Asha. Asha was quite hesitating for the same. The reason is despite of being a good and genuine fellow, Anand earns around Rs. 750 per month. And she knew that like every father in the world, her father also wants a rich son-in-law, who take care of his daughter. And there is nothing wrong in that. As a father his thoughts were all correct. He was just thinking for a safe future of his daughter.

However Asha has to face the reality and at one day she need to arrange a meeting between her father and Anand. So she promised Anand to brought to her home the next day.

We see Asha’s father is very genuine person. He is full of ethics and wisdom. He know the reality of the life and understands it quite well. He raised the questions about Anand’s income and future plans. Though not convinced, due to love of his daughter Asha, he let them get married.

So Asha and Anand are married now! The early days of married life were flew happily. Then the harsh realities came to show their faces. The landlady was asking for the rent. The grain merchant was asking for his bills to be paid. The office canteen bill is to be paid! The money he borrowed on interest were getting delayed in repaying…. There are endless problems to solve. Anand was trying hard to earn more. But the translation work he can do part time was found occasionally and the additional income is not regular!

It was found that Asha got pregnant. Which added more to the worries. As Anand was unable to manage the money for the living of themselves, how will he arrange for the new member of the family?!

The rest of the story follows the incidents then after.

The story doesn’t try to come to a conclusion or providing a solution to such situation. It simply shows the reality as it is. And that works positively in favor of the story.

The middle class family will relate to the story very easily on both reality and emotional point of view. The other fellows who are having responsibility to earn and take care of the family can also relate to the story quite easily. The episode directed by Anil Ganguly is simple yet powerful. The sets and locations are real and authentic. Ashok Kumar is a fantastic actor as we know and he proves it again. Kitu Gidwani is first rate as well. Shubha Khote is excellent as landlady. Jankidas have little to do but he does it convincingly. Arun Sahni tries but not looking convincing in the role he played. The dialogs are simple and effective. The background music is a positive aspect. The DVD quality is quite good.

Overall a wisdom tale which should not be missed. It conveys a simple message – when you need bread, you need bread, love cannot fill the empty stomach. One need to analyze the situation properly and get ready for the stuff before doing it.

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