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Imtiaz Ali is an acclaimed director whose movies are loved by the people in most cases. Better known for his most commercially successful work – Jab We Met – he gave a nice movie titled – Socha Na Tha – as the debutant director. He then also gave Cocktail and Rockstar, both were commercial success. He now came up with a movie belong to quite a different genre, titled – Highway.

Movie : Highway
Director :
Imtiaz Ali
Written by :
Produced by : Imtiaz Ali, Sajid Nadiadwala
Music By : A. R. Rahman
Cinematography : Anil Mehta
Editor : Aarti Bajaj
Studio : Window Seat Films, Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Distributed By : UTV Motion Pictures
Released On : (Worldwide)
Starring : Randeep Hooda (Mahabir Bhati), Alia Bhatt (Veera Tripathi), Saharsh Kumar Shukla (Goru), Pradeep Nagar (Tonk), Durgesh Kumar (Aadoo), Arjun Malhotra (Vinay), Hemant Mahaur (Kasana), and others…

The lead pair (if we can say so), here is also quite unconventional, Randeep Hooda and Aliya Bhatt. Both they have different age group and persona. But, we must say they seems the ideal choice for the movie. And, for the matter of fact, they both acted pretty well and justified the trust of the director inside them.

Aliya is just one film older and considering that, this is the wise choice made by her where she got a chance to explore more horizons of acting and she worked sincerely. Randeep did many films and got roles of various length but this is the most remarkable role he got in a mainstream film so far. He with his sincere efforts looks completely the character (which was not the case in all his previous acting ventures).

The movie is not just a pure entertainer and there are heavy moments. In fact, there are more serious moments in the film which makes is a thrilling experience. The audience may found traces of Subhash Ghai’s – Hero, Imtiaz Ali’s – Jab We Met; and some other movies.

Here is the brief story. There are wedding preparation going on at Veera’s home and she is all fed up of the preparation, ritual and formalities. She wanted to take a breather of free air and hence she called his fiance. She then force him to take her to a long drive, on a highway. Despite of his fiance’s protest she forced him to do so. They went quite long on dangerous highway. She then want to get out of car for a while and fill in the fresh air in her lunges. Her fiance was not agree to let her do so, on this dangerous highway. But she went out of the car. Then there is something happened which changed her world upside down.

A group of fellows lead by Mahhabir Bhati were running back by committing a crime and in a course of events they found a hostage in Veera and abducted her!

It was a very tough and beyond imagination experience for Veera. But, after reaching to destination, the thing became wrong for Mahabir. As when his boss (if we can call him so) found who Veera is, he scold Mahabir for the mishap he did. As Veera’s father have links in government, police and other authorities, it will bring tough situations for the abductors for sure. Mahabir however refused to surrender and was ready to face whatever come ahead!!!

He and his small group of confidante ran in a truck with Veera. They kept calling Veera’s home for money to get her free and keep moving from one state to the another. There was a cat-mouse race between the officials and Mahabir begun. Mahabir know his possible fate and was mentally ready for the same. He however never abuse Veera. During this journey, to her own shock, Veera found it something unfamiliar. She started liking the freedom and actually start enjoying the run with Mahabir!!!?

What happen this point forward is something to watch on screen.

The songs doesn’t have much scope in the film. However they are there as per the need of Hindi film. The background music is very effective. The cinematography is quite nice and eye pleasing. There are some flows in the pace of the movie as the downside. Though the sincere acting doesn’t let you feel that much. Aliya may work to her dialog delivery (especially when she was angry and shouting at the time she was broken from within and crying together), to make it even more impactful. She is fantastic though. As said earlier, Randeep delivers a sincere performance and he must be appreciated for the same. Rest of the cast and crew member did their honest efforts and delivered authentic performance, without a doubt.

The dialogs are first rate. The use of local language makes it more authentic. Several scenes leave their impact. The abuse of a girl by relative(s) is explored well without clarifying the same in detail and keeping dignity. The movie however is not a good choice for underage audience (read children) overall. The wardrobe is authentic. We must say the actors and crew have had tough time during filming in various locales in various situation However their hard work seems paying.

It is quite good, heavy, genuine attempt of representing the inner and outer battle of a person, which require some attention from the viewer as well. It has the emotional quotient which will make you think several had stuff, keep that in mind. Overall a movie which you can watch for sure, but not when you are in the mood of something light and entertaining only.

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