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Reviews For Episode 7 Of Upanishad Ganga | Hindi TV Serial On DVD

Episode 7 of Upanishad Ganga brings us the influence and importance of Vedanga (aka Vedang) via the story of Bhaskaracharya who is referred by a lot of astrologists.

TV Serial :
Upanishad Ganga
Producers : Chinmaya Mission
Director :
ChandraPrakash Dwivedi
Starring : Abhimanyu Singh, Vishwa Badola, Rushad Rana, Jaya Bhattacharya, Zakir Hussain, Mukesh Tiwari, Vrajesh Hirjee, Sai Deodhar, Purva Parag, Ravi Khanvilkar, K K Raina, Sandeep Mohan, Umang Gurjar, Rasika Duggal, Auroshikha Dey, Gagan Malik, Huma Qureshi, Faisal Rashid, Usha Rana, Gyanesh Pandey, Dev Khubnani, Amit Behl, and others…
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The episode starts with a satirical take on people’s misinterpretation of the concept of astrology. There are a lot who blindly follows each word uttered by the astrologist. There are a lot who considers it as a “humbug”. However astrology is a combination of science and statical stuffs. If one have the proper knowledge of the science of astrology and does all the right calculations; he may find unbelievable results.

The reason is pretty simple. As we see that the gravitational force of the Sun keeps the Earth in specific tie with it. Ditto we know for the relation of Moon and Earth. We also know how the other planets affect the stuff on the Earth, it can be viewed and proved. So there is nothing wrong in believing that various movements of planets affect each individual life, in a specific manner.

But, the improper or incomplete knowledge of the same lead to miscalculations. Also the greed of some of the astrologers who use it as an emotional weapon to earn money by any means; also put the authenticity of the science of Astrology at a question.

Anyway the episode explores the how, the brilliant mathematician – Bhaskaracharya – was unable to get his daughter married, despite of his astrological and mathematical calculations. And how he made his daughter – Leelavati – immortal by naming his encyclopedic book about mathematics behind her.

The episode explores the customs and rituals followed by the Arya people those days. The wardrobe is authentic. Even the ceremonies are quite realistic. The knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, geometry and other sectors; possessed by Bhaskaracharya is presented in really nice manner. It is a delight to watch that how knowledgeable our ancestors were.

The other good thing is, the episode raise the awareness about the book – Leelavati – which is no less then an encyclopedia for mathematical references since earlier days.

The director won half the battle by choosing the right persons in lead role. Amit Bahl proves to be the right choice for the role of Bhaskaryacharya. And most of the supportive cast does their battle pretty well. The satirical take about astrology is effective. It bursts a lot of myths about the legendary characters which are referred in wrong aspects.

The episode also explores the place of girl child and importance they were given those days. The rigid or orthodox families may have the tradition to get them married earlier, but the scholars were always in favor of teaching the child regardless of its gender.

The dialogs are effective and the script is tight enough. The background music really goes in conjunction of the content. The art directors have made the sets authentic by controlling themselves from making larger than the life stuff; which works in favor of the episode.

The episode ends in a way the viewers feel that they still need to know more about Bhaskaracharya and Leelavati.

Our personal verdict: You can surely go for it. It is worth time and money you spend for it.

It is worth to note that this episode is available to watch for Free on YouTube:

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