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Reviewing Episode 8 Of Hindi SitCom Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi : Available On DVD

Episode 8 – of Hindi TV Serial – Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi is focused on Sheela(a friend of Renu)’s visit to Renu.

TV Serial :
Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi
Directors : Kundan Shah, Manjul Sinha, Raman Kumar
Writer : Sharad Joshi
Opening Theme Singer : Kishore Kumar
Starring : Shafi Inamdar, Swaroop Sampat, Rakesh Bedi, Satish Shah, Tiku Talsania, Vijay Kashyap, Sulabha Arya, and others…

It is early in the morning and hence the home of Renu, Ranjit and Raja is also rocking with the activities. For any working person the morning time is usually very active. One had to finish a lot of stuff before leaving the home for the day. When it comes to a woman it is usually more demanding. Ranjit and Renu is a working couple so both of them need to get ready for the office and Renu need to take care about a lot of stuff before that. She had to get ready herself, prepare tea-breakfast for Ranjit and Raja both. And, by the way it is one of those days when Raja is having one more interview to attend so he is also running at shortage of time. Renu was ironing the cloths and curtains and she yet had to change the curtains as well. She is really buried into so many tasks!

During a conversation Ranjit and Raja got to know that Sheela – a friend of Renu who is settled (or at least living at present) in foreign is coming to India and will be paying them a visit. In fact she will be staying with them. Ranjit explains how the people stay abroad for a while behave when they come back to the native. They usually talk in style, trying to prove that all the things here are of poor quality and all. However the fact is quite opposite. See, every country or state have its own attributes and being different from the others doesn’t make anyone (or anything) wrong. It is worth to note that this rule doesn’t apply to everyone, and there are some very gentle fellows do exist, who doesn’t show off or anything, but they remain so polite, gentle and grounded, that we respect them automatically.

The mimicry Ranjit and Raja does about these NRIs is quite funny. It definitely falls in the one of the best scenes of the entire TV series. The comic timings, the dialog delivery, the accent, Late Shafi Inamdar rocks. And Rakesh Bedi is quite competent too.

Ranjit declares that he will not be impressed by Sheela and her persona! And he will answer her in his mother-tongue (Hindi) only. However we see when Sheela arrives both Raja and Ranjit forget their promises to behave differently and not being impressed or influenced by her. They simply floors.

Ranjit’s attempts to impress Sheela by showing that Renu respects him and follow his orders, are quite funny. It also land him in some tough situations as well. In order to woo Sheela he and Raja does what they can and it sometimes get them in tragic situation. For example, Ranjit has to prepare tea for all of them, and as we can guess, he is not good at that, at all.

Sheela advise Renu that as she is also doing a job, she need equal rest and attention, as Ranjit does. And there starts their women’s liberation efforts. This stuff takes a satirical look to the working women’s issue that she despite of doing job, takes care of his family and still sometimes considered secondary. Which is of course wrong.

The script is superb, so does the acting. Be it Satish Shah, Shafi Inamdar, Rakesh Bedi, Swaroop Sampat, the worked honestly and it is shown on the screen. The guest artists are also convincing enough. The simple sets, strong situations, fine acting and quite affordable and authentic resources are all you need to create a good TV serial episode, and this episode of Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi proves. It also explores the gender equality and the importance of the woman’s efforts in our day to day life. If husband and wife live by supporting each other, the life becomes a blessing. It looks worth living then.

A nice TV serial. This episode, especially the first half is fantastic. Such DVDs must be in your collection as they can prove a nice to watch experience at leisure with family and friends. They can even help as a stress buster!

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