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Detailed Reviews For Episode 14 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki Hindi TV Serial

Let us keep reviewing Hindi TV serial – Kahani Chandrakanta Ki – which is inspired by Babu DevakiNandan Khatri’s famous work – Chandrakanta Santati. It is worth to note that the serial is failed to create the charisma that Hindi TV serial – Chandrakanta – have created, especially in its first segment.

An old priest named Bhavani Baba was wandering through the jungle when Sangram Sinh, Indrajeet Sinh, Anand Sinh and others in their team had seen them. They stopped him. They all got stunned when they found that Bhavani Baba knows all of them precisely. Bhavani Baba also informs that hunting for the man-eater-chittah might simply be a cause destiny have planned for them to meet. He informs them that there is a hidden treasure in the jungle which is secured by some tilasm and it is accessible only by prince Indrajeet Sinh and no one else!

Indrajeet Sinh was a teenager and have had his own vulnerability (and the ideas to prove his abilities like every other teenager). He was ready to go for the cave in the deep jungle where the treasure is hidden and secure! Of course, viewers and readers now know that, who is Bhavani Baba, and which treasure he is talking about! Prince Indrajeet was ready to go for the treasure alone (as per Baba’s guidance) but wise Sangram Sinh and others wasn’t ready to let him go anywhere alone in the dark night.

What will happen now? Will prince be able to overcome the temptation to find the treasure and gift it to his father? Will he go alone to the dark deep forest to prove that he is brave enough? All this question will be answered in the course of progress of the TV serial.

If to talk about acting, we feel that the cast can be distinguished in good performers and under performers, where later have the majority. The actor(who came in the disguise of Bhavani baba) looks convincing when he comes in the disguise of a priest to meet both the sons of Chandrakanta. His body language in that scene is worth to mention. See how his hands are shivering like a real old man. Apart from that Raja Chaudhary failed creating the charishma of a fearsome warrior in the serial. Also the characters are changing their appearances like a magic and can be transformed from one person to the another, in a minute. However as per the original writing, aaiyari is no magic, it is a set of skills which includes the skills to change the appearance and get into disguise. There are so many other qualities aaiyaar needs to have. But it is no magic at all. However people may want to see such stuff OR the serial makers want to add more special effects and more engaging stuff for the readers, can be considered as the cause of the same.

The child actor playing prince Indrajeet Sinh is more convincing then the one playing prince Aanad Sinh. The actor playing Sangram Sinh has a good body but acting needs to be sharpened. We personally feel that a to play a warrior an actor have to have the ability to show more and more expression in addition to have a good and athletic body. The warriors wears body-right T-shirts, and some glittering cloths found on a lot of male actors which look out of the place. The girl playing Kesariya is okey.

Overall an episode where story progresses and have some good performances. If you like watching larger than the life drama, you may watch the episode once.


Unfortunately this episode (and all other episodes of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki) are no more legally available for free to watch on YouTube. May we see this TV Series on DVD Soon!

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