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Reviewing Episode 6 of Hindi TV Serial On DVD Sinhasan Battisi

Let’s move ahead in reviewing the tele serial titled Sinhasan Battisi by Vidya Movies starring Vijyendra Ghatge and others. Based on the 32 moral tales associated with the great king Vikram.

The day passed again, King Bhoj or Raja Bhoj get fresh and again attempted to sit on the mysterious throne of King Vikramaditya. Again, a doll from the skirtings of the throne came to life and asked Vikram to stop and evaulate himself if he is worthy to sit on the throne by analysing his own qualities. She then, to help king Bhoj know more about king Vikram and his qualities, explained him an event from King Vikram’s life.

He was not the rules, who sit in the palace and manage the kingdom in the bureaucratic way, by living a splendid life himself. He used to wander alone on his horse in each corner of his kingdom, so he can know the actual condition of the citizens including their problems. One day during one such tour, he went far and he saw that a farmer was sitting in a sad condition at the outskirt of his farm. On asking the reason for the same he explained Vikram that the monsoon is about to arrive, the rainy clouds are all wandering in the sky, ready to burst. King thought it is a good sign for the farmer so actually he should be happy but then why doesn’t this farmer doesn’t seem to be heapy!? On his asking the farmer who doesn’t know that he is talking to king Vikram himself. He replied that you might be a wealthy person or even king from somewhere. But, what would you do by knowing my problem? Better you go your way, by leaving me on my own.

Vikram, without showing any hardness calm him down and asked that if I would not be able to help you, I will say sorry and move on my way, now tell me your problem. The farmer told that the clouds full of water are wandering in the sky and the monsoon can start any moment. As he is not having enough money he was not able to have bullocks. So he cannot start seed insertion as his plough is useless without bullocks. He visited the wealthy businessman to borrow some money to purchase the bullock but was unable to get the same. King Vikram understand the entire problem and proposed him a solution.

What was the solution? Does the farmer agree to implement it? Will he know that he is talking to king Vikram himself? His problem will definitely get solved but how? Well, check the stuff by viewing it on your own. We don’t want to spoil your joy by disclosing the same.

The king was in conversation with his ministers and other people including a Brahmin who is an astrologist too. The brahmin asked the king about some good times when starting a work result into the best output. If a resident is prepared during the time for example, Laxmeeji, the wealth godless keeps her full of wealth and blessings. The king didn’t want anything for himself but then in order to test the stuff and provide employment to the people decided to construct a new palace. He called architects, woodcutters, sculpture expert and other artist from every direction and asked them to provide a design for his new palace. Ultimately he chose a design and the construction work is started and finished during the lucky time-span suggested by the Brahmin Astrologist. King visited the palace and he loved it. He then asked that a person doesn’t matter who he is and how wealthy he is need a small place to live happy and he then donated the palace to the Brahmin (as Vikram already had a palace where he was living).
The poor Brahmin family came to live into the new palace. Will they found the palace comfortable? Will they be happy living there? Well get know more about the same by watching it.

A nice episode with two moral and ethics centric messages. Of course, you need to avoid some picture quality problems and the special effects, but we are sure that the content will be liked by you.

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