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Reviewing Episode 6 Of Hindi SitCom Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi : Available On DVD

This episode explores Ranjit’s thoughts, emotions and actions as a cancer patient! Actually his report was exchanged with the same of the other patient by mistake by a nurse who was busy talking on phone, but more on that later.

TV Serial :
Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi
Directors : Kundan Shah, Manjul Sinha, Raman Kumar
Writer : Sharad Joshi
Opening Theme Singer : Kishore Kumar
Starring : Shafi Inamdar, Swaroop Sampat, Rakesh Bedi, Satish Shah, Tiku Talsania, Vijay Kashyap, Sulabha Arya, and others…

While watching this episode, you will surely find the links to the the classic Hindi film – Anand – starring Rajesh Khanna, Jaya Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan and others.

It is also worth to note that this episode is not only focused on Situational Comedy, but there is some satirical stuff also included, for example the behavior of the front-desk nurse.

The episode picks its momentum from the title song of the TV serial in the voice of singing genius Kishore Kumar. Which continues when we see dedicated sportsman(!) Raja taking a jog within the home when Ranjit arrives back from the office. We see Ranjit is tired and having cold. By asking about the health of him by Raja, Ranjit tried to avoid the discussion by mentioning that he just got tired and it is not uncommon to have temperature (due to fever) these days. Renu and Raja are definitely concerned about Ranjit’s health, and started worrying.

Ranjit though suggests that both of them are overreacting. Actually Renu forced Ranjit to get done a full-body medical-checkup of him, which he eventually did. But now he is avoiding to visit the doctor and collect the report for the same. (Remember, full body checkup was not that common those days). Ranjit got fresh and landed on the dining table to have some snacks and tea. But, Renu and Raja forced him to visit the doctor immediately to collect his medical report before he can have some food. This clearly shows how they both care for and love Ranjit. This is the most precious thing about love, even when you are strict on one another, you are actually concerned about the person.

Ranjit have no choice but to collect his reports from the doctor. His reports are available at the hospital but the nurse was quite busy in some personal issues and ultimately when she handed it over to Ranjit, she mistakenly hands him over the reports of a different patient.

When checked the report, it is found that Ranjit (actually the person, whose medical reports were there) was diagnosed with Cancer! (Cancer – was considered as incurable those days)!!!

How Ranjit deals with the issue, how he moves on in his life, try to hide it from his family in quite filmy manner; is the rest of the episode.

If to talk about acting, there are no two thoughts on the performance of the principal cast, that it is amongst the finest acting talents. See Raja jogging so seriously, and you will surely convinced that how a sportsman should be jogging. Swaroop Sampat needs some improvements in dialog delivery, she is fine otherwise. Also see her dressing which is authentic and reflects the same of the middle class working woman. Shafi got a chance to play dramatic performance and he performs well. See him entering his home from the office in the beginning of the episode and you will see how natural he is. The doctor track is quite melo-dramatic, but it is having its own positive too. The screenplay is written pretty well, and the situations are presented very realistically. For example, see the nurse on the front-desk who is busy in her own personal life, and found it irritating to answer Ranjit and doing her duty. Actually, when a person gets some power (of any kind), it is often seen (not always though) that he/she got less caring about the others and their situations. It is not about a specific profession only, it is about psychology, and can be seen anywhere.

Overall an episode with good screenplay, nice performances, a little more dramatized episode. You will like to go for it.

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