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Jajantaram Mamantaram | Bollywood Movie Reviews

Jonathan Swift and his creation Gulliver’s travels fascinated generations. The way he weaved the imagination, geographical stuff, fantasy, travelogues and most importantly emotions; is simply superb. Gulliver’s travels was made into movies several times and was studied by students as classroom book lesson, across various countries.

This masterpiece is adopted in Hindi film with the name Jajantaram Mamantaram (which is derived from Jantar Mantar – Actually Jantar Mantar phrase is used for some magical stuffs often – actually Jantar is for Yantra – a machine or an aide which help to perform tasks and Mantar – Mantra means a kind of spell – in this context).

Movie :
Jajantaram Mamantaram
Producers : Suresh Jindal
Director :
Soumitra Ranade
Released On :
Starring : Jaaved Jaaferi, Gulshan Grover, Joy Fernandes, Dipannita Sharma, Dilip Joglekar, Manav Kaul, and others…

The movie is available in two languages, Hindi and English.

Aditya aka Adi is a happy-go-lucky person from Mumbai. Once when he was doing a sea voyage, his ship (or boat) mat with a storm an he is landed on an island which is, well, quite different than the place we are living!
Everything we are living in is available there including the environmental surroundings, but in a smaller version. We later got to know that even people living there was very smaller in size.

But, well, where people exists, they have their problems and solutions, sorrows and happiness, good and bad stuff, everything. The people were living in a kingdom ruled by a kind king, who is father of a beautiful princess. There is also a power-hungry minister cum commandant in his court who eye the throne and princess. There is also a demon exist which is created by the minister, which keep the citizens under fear. There is also a brave and pure-heart soldier, who is destined to be in love with the princess. So almost all the ingredients of a story exists there.

When the citizens show Aditya for the first time (he was unconscious at that time), they feared from him. But gradually when they came to know Aditya, they became their fan! How Aditya plays their savior is the rest of the story which we all are almost familiar with.

Technically speaking, making such movies gives a great scope of special effects and at the same time adds the responsibility to show something fantastic. So the budget in that area plays a remarkable part in the final product. Javed is of course a fine acting talent as we know and he plays the protagonist very convincingly. Gulshan and Joy plays their parts pretty well too. Well, all the major characters are played effectively. The background music is in the sync of the story. The dialogs are short. The typical Mumbai slang added to the dialogs may not appeal that much to the people living in different area though. The movie is created with a vision to assume kids as the target audience and hence is shaped in that way. A good outcome of this, is, the movie can be watched with the family together. Which is a plus point, and at the same time the story and execution may look little – kids oriented, may not appeal the adults equally.

The movie is available to watch at: http://www.youtube.com/movie?v=JDzlpVIErTc

Overall a nice movie especially for kids. It may not appeal the adults that much. But it is a good watch definitely.

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