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The Long Bright Dark | Episode 1 | True Detective | English TV Serial On DVD | Personal Reviews

One of the gripping and thrilling TV serial – True Detective – runs in two time segments parallel. One segment runs in year 2012 where two detectives Martin Hart and Rustin Cohle are interviewed separately by detectives Thomas Papania and Maynard Gilbough. Cohle and Hart were the investigators of the murder case of Dora Kelly Lange, a prostitute. The murder and investigation took place in the beginning (started from 3 January) of 1995!

It is interesting to see a TV serial which runs the same tale across two parallel time segments, and that too effectively. Though, as a viewer you need to pay proper attention towards the stuff going on the screen. Otherwise, it will be tough to connect the dots later on.

TV Serial : True Detective
Season : Season 1
Episode # : 1
Episode Title : The Long Bright Dark
Originally Aired : 12 Jan 2014
Actors : Matthew McConaughey (Detective Rustin Spencer “Rust” Cohle), Woody Harrelson (Detective Martin Eric “Marty” Hart), Michelle Monaghan (Maggie Hart), Michael Potts (Detective Maynard Gilbough), Tory Kittles (Detective Thomas Papania),
J.D. Evermore (Detective Bobby Lutz), Dana Gourrier (Cathleen), Joe Chrest (Detective Chris Demma), Dane Rhodes (Detective Favre), Madison Wolfe (Audrey Hart),Kevin Dunn (Major Ken Quesada), Alexandra Daddario (Lisa Tragnetti), Anthony Molina (Detective), Tess Harper (Mrs. Kelly), Meghan Wolfe (Macie Hart), Don Yesso (Commander Speece), Jackson Beals (Detective Mark Daughtry), Jim Klock (Detective Ted Bertrand), Garrett Kruithof (Detective Jimmy Dufrene), Michael Harney (Sheriff Steve Geraci), Elizabeth Reaser (Laurie Perkins), Brad Carter (Charlie Lange), Lili Simmons (Beth), Jay O. Sanders (Billy Lee Tuttle), Shea Whigham (Joel Theriot) Christopher Berry (Danny Fontenot and Guy Francis), Alyshia Ochse (Lucy) Glenn Fleshler (Errol Childress), Charles Halford (Reggie Ledoux), Joseph Sikora (Ginger), Erin Moriarty (Audrey Hart), Brighton Sharbino (Macie Hart), Paul Ben-Victor (Major Leroy Salter), and others…
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The episode have some adult material and it is not advisable for a minor to watch. For example the murder of Lange is done in disgusting way. Though, how she was murdered is not shown in this episode, but her dead body is shown to prove the way she was murdered. She was naked and was in a pose to performing some rituals. She wore a crown made from deer antlers! Her body was found in the burned corps, in front of a tree. And a symbol is painted on her back.

On the first attempt anyone can guess that her murder was a result of some psychopath’s belief in some stupid rituals. Cohle believed that this is not the first murder by the murdered and he/she must have committed many other such murders (or at least attempted doing so). Hart was not fully agree with him. But the best thing we see through the episodes is, both them are supportive to their partner. And they run the investigation as a true team.

The dialogs are good and the power games played in the security forces (be it police, FBI or any other agency), within the agency and against other agencies, are explored pretty interestingly. It is very tough to play the role of a person in two parallel time segments which have at least the gap of 17 years. Both Woody (as Hart) and Matthew (as Cohle) does very effective work here. Not only their get up are convincing but even their body language is also evident of the hard work and attention towards detailing of character they paid. Both are really fantastic.

Michele (playing wife of Hart) have a few scenes in this episode and she is neither over the top, nor unconvincing. The casting directors played their role with sincerity and found right actors for the right roles.

The episode effectively depicts that something went wrong between Hart and Cohle as they are not on speaking terms since almost a decade. It makes viewer curious to explore the events to see what could have been happened over the course, which made them un-friendly with each other.

The title sequence, song and music is effective. The background music of the entire episode is really convincing. The quest for perfect locations by the makers is evident in the episode. Right locations, right actors and right script are the recipe to create a quality movie or TV serial, the only other thing you require to give it, is the right treatment. And the serial succeed to have almost everything right in place, in first episode.

So, if you love watching crime thrillers and don’t mind some “adult only stuff” this TV serial will be a good choice to go for. Also note that TV Serials like Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Sherlock, Elementary, Tehkikaat, Karamchand, Byomkesh Bakshi and others, explore a new case in each episode (sometimes if the story is longer, it takes more episodes); which makes you to watch any story without worrying about previous and next episode(s). Here the case is different, the entire series explores the incidents related to each other, and you need to watch it in “serial” manner only.

Inside the Episode #1 : Video : (by HBO)

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