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Introduction To Inside Edge – Amazon Original TV Series

Recently, Amazon celebrated an event named prime day. There were many exclusive deals on both Amazon.com and Amazon.in which were worth to explore. I, however, was curious for Amazon Prime Day for one other reason. There were a few TV series were scheduled to roll out on that day (July 11, 2017, precisely 6PM IST on July 10, 2017).

Inside Edge is one of those TV Serials. It is Amazon’s first original TV Series for it’s India wing. Inside Edge is in the news since long and was aggressively marketed. And, Amazon was sure to catch viewers’ attention as it is based on Cricket, the most loved game in India, by the masses.

Though, there is a disclaimer that it is purely fictional and it has nothing to do with any real incidents happened in past or present. The viewers can clearly draw links or find the inspiration point to various events while watching it.

The makers often think they can make something on Cricket or related with cricket and there will be high chances to get commercial success, in India.

The perception is backed with the commercial success of films like M. S. Dhoni – The Untold Sory.

However one must remember that there are films like Azhar and others, sunk on the box-office. Even, Sachin – a billion dreams failed to create marvel on the box office.

Recently we talked about “Million Dollar Arm“, a project which associated with cricket, reality shows and baseball; also wasn’t able to achieve the success expected.

So, if there is no substance, it is not possible to gain viewers for a film or TV Serial.

Also, showing convincing cricket playing on the ground and the real atmosphere of a stadium is quite challenging. As viewers around the globe are able to watch live cricket matches through quality broadcast which uses various camera angles. It is tough to create such real and enthusiastic environment on screen while filming it.

Backed by producers like Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar, Inside Edge tries to make an impact and let us take a look at what it has to offer.

TV Serial : Inside Edge
Season : Season 1
19 Apr, 2017
Directed by : Karan Anshuman
Producers : Ritesh Sidhwani, Farhan Akhtar,
Written by :
Production companies: : Amazon Studios, Excel Entertainment
Original Network: : Amazon Video
Voice Artists : Vivek Anand Oberoi (Vikrant Dhawan), Richa Chadha (Zarina Malik), Angad Bedi (Arvind Vashishth), Tanuj Virwani (Vayu Raghavan), Sayani Gupta (Rohini Raghavan), Sanjay Suri (Niranjan Suri), Siddhant Chaturvedi (Prashant Kanaujia), Sarah-Jane Dias (Meera Nagpal), Amit Sial (Devender Mishra), Manuj Sharma (KR Raghunath), Manu Rishi (Manoharlal Handa), Alexx O’Nell (Craig Litner), Edward Sonnenblick (Hamish Mccall), Asha Saini (Ayesha Dewan), Aahana Kumra (Shahana Vashishth), Jitin Gulati (Pritish), Himanshi Choudhry (Sudha Dhawan), Akashdeep Arora (Tanay), Mahnaz Damania (Raghunath’s girlfriend), and others…

Here is the list of episodes for season 1 of Inside Edge. The entire series is released in one shot.

Title Director Written By Released On
Powerplay Karan Anshuman 10-Jul-2017
Bunny Karan Anshuman 10-Jul-2017
Inner Circle Karan Anshuman 10-Jul-2017
Wrong Foot Karan Anshuman 10-Jul-2017
Away Game Karan Anshuman 10-Jul-2017
Opening Bid Karan Anshuman 10-Jul-2017
FoW Karan Anshuman 10-Jul-2017
Corridor Of Uncertainty Karan Anshuman 10-Jul-2017
Hammer Price Karan Anshuman 10-Jul-2017
Maximum Karan Anshuman 10-Jul-2017

Views And Reviews:

Of course, we will review each episode separately and will provide our unbiased and genuine views and reviews for the same in coming days. Here is the summary of assessment we can make by watching the first segment of the TV Series.

If we talk about the production quality, it is excellent. The producers have spent enough money to create a visually spectacular and convincing cricketing environment. The script is written nicely and the direction is first rate. It provides the thrills expected from it.

Viewing “Inside Edge” is like visiting the internal conflicts, politics and masked dirty side of the game and people associated with, along with the known charming side of it.

The characters are defined/written pretty nicely and they grow gradually. You can trace links to many people and/or their attributes from real life, while watching it on screen.

In addition to script and locales, the actors are the backbone of any Movie or TV Show. The makers applied their wisdom in choosing actors wisely. Seeing Sanjay Suri here is a delight to watch and same we can say for Amit Sial and others too. Sanjay Suri is a good method actor and see his body language in the cricket stadium and dressing room and party, and you will mark the difference. Richa Chaddha does justice to the role of a fading actress who is emotionally attached to the cricket team she owns a part of.

Angad Bedi makes his impression. Tanuj is good as vulnerable Vayu Raghavan. Amit Sial is good to watch (you will disgust his character at places, and that is his success as an actor). Siddhant Chaturvedi is an underdog. He impresses as Prashant. He is definitely an actor to watch out for. Vivek Oberoi got a meaty role here and he has to deliver some good dialogues and he does it convincingly.

Sometimes you feel that with the money, fame and glamour the relationships are changed. The way Vayu and his sister are comfortable with some stuff, most middle-class family siblings feel awkward. The bond of love between them still reflects their feelings and respect for each other.

The serial is strictly for the adult audience. There is much of adult content, abusive language, cuss words, brutal actions shown which is not for underage audience at all. On that side, this TV serial follows the path of most of the English thriller TV Shows.


A thrilling TV show with gripping storyline exploring the dirty side of glamour and fame associated with the game of cricket. Strictly for the adult audience only.

Over to you:

Did you watch this TV Series? Are you curious to watch it? If crime drama is what you like this thriller have something to enjoy for you. We will love to hear your remarks as always. Also do not forget to share this article with your friends over various social networks via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and others. And yes, you may like to subscribe to our RSS feeds and follow us on various Social networks to get latest updates for the site to land right in your mail box.

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