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In search of the solution | Udaan Hindi TV Serial On DVD Episode Reviews

We remember that when we met Kalyani Singh [Kavita Chaudhary] last time, she made her mind to meet the SP of the area firmly. It starts as she with her lawyer and a genuine and noble friend of her father, Mr. Tripathi outside the office of S.P. When waiting she saw that people with influence got inside the office easily while other laymen waiting outside are not allowed to visit inside with the reason that important meeting is going on. Mr. Tripathi calms her down. Finally after waiting a long the S.P. appears and she was allowed to meet him.

Inside the S.P. cabin, she learns that S.P. was very busy but he have all the time to talk to Mr. Rathod on phone (who arranged a trip for him, and S.P. was about to clear his file of a hotel). When she was explaining the incidents, an important visitor came and their meeting was distrubed. As the visitor is a friend of S.P. named Mr. Thakur; Kalyani and Mr. Tripathi are asked to leave and when asked by Kalyani, for when to come for the follow-up; S.P. asks to come next week.

BrijMohan Singh is recovering steadily at hospital and Kalyani meets him, her mother Janki and her brother Vivek there. Father-daughter love bond is seen here. They did not utter a word but still were able to communicate a lot. At home, her neighbour aunt confirms a good news that the engagement of her eldest daughter Suman, who is of around same age of Kalyani (actually a couple of years younger) is fixed with a young man who have some transferable job. Kalyani went to meet Mr. Tripathi next day and they did talk about their meeting with S.P. Based on his experince Tripathi asks Kalyani to dont take the things more hopefully. As the S.P. have asked them to come to meet next week but his intention was to avoid them at that time. Kalyani reveals that she rather didn’t want to take the things in the manner where she could think that she as a layman have felt like there is no existance of those who haven’t influence or contacts with influential people; when visited the S.P. office. She affirms that she will meet the S.P. in the next week and if he will again asks her to come next week she will go again. If someone who tried killing your father and wandering freely in the city and you cannot do anything, how is this accptable or possible.

The neighborhood aunt comes to meet Janki and family in the hospital and confirms the engagement of her second daughter as well. She also advised to find a groom for Kalyani otherwise if she got even more educated it will be tough to find equal match, and then she may not adjust in the family life in future. Janki denies the proposal with a vision that if the girl and boy both are well educated, they could be more understanding too. Anyway, Kalyani tries meeting the S.P. again, she was refused by his assistant to go inside the office but she succeed meeting him on his way to the car. S.P. overrules her plea and declares that she is claiming false charges on well known figures of the society in order to grab money from them. Heartbroken Kalyani went to meet Mr. Tripathi who was not available at home that time. She then visits the hospital. By seeing two men there, she got fearful for her father’s life and when she found him not on his bed, she get collapsed there itself. Though, the nurse took good care of her and informs her that her father is taken for the check-up, she got happy.

She utters some genuine words came directly from the deepest heart to the nurse “Sister, why shouldn’t everyone is so kind and genuine like you?”

We see, Kalyani was looking after the business of her father very well. Also her neighbor was in deep worries to arrange dowry for both the daughters. Kalyani tried contacting the D.M. (collector) several time, at last the person on the other side of the phone, by thinking that she was from press, informs that D.M. was busy with arrangements being made for the Home Minister coming next week. She then made her mind to meet Home Minister. She drops in the letter to Home Ministry at Bhopal, M.P. and she got an appointment to meet the Home Minister.

Will she be able to meet the home minister? Will her problems be solved or multiplied? Will she accept the defeat or will fight the battle with even more intensity? Keep reading to know… Remarkable, I would say Excellent, acting, story, screenplay, sound and everything. You cannot afford missing a chance to watch it.

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