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Detailed Reviews For Episode 4 of Kahani Chandrakanta Ki Hindi TV Serial

Let’s continue fascinating ourselves with the sequel of the saga “Chandrakanta” titled “Chandrakanta Santati”. As we know the tele-serial “Kahani Chandrakanta Ki” is based on the latter.

As Chandilal [Vinod Kapoor] conveyed the secret message to Pt. Jagannath [Rajendra Gupta] at ShivGadh that he want to join ShivDutt [Puneet Issar] and his side. Pt. Jagannath decided to meet Chandi with the hope to read his mind and see what he can offer in favour of Shiv Dutt. When Pt. Jagannath meets Chandi he pays him respect, and on asking for the reason that why he wants to change the sides? as it was a well known fact that if Virendra Singh [Santosh Shukla] and his army didn’t get full support of Chandi, it was never possible for them to overpower ShivDutt, Chandilal answers that the time is the ultimate factor. A friend at a time can be the enemy at different time. Though he was not ready to reveal what personal reasons made him to think betray Virendra Singh. Pt. Jagannath didn’t force him to reveal his personal rivalry with Virendra Singh, but wanted to know what Chandi can offer Shiv Dutt. Chandi says that, he has a plan which cannot be failed by any means. By following the plan Shiv Dutt can not only conquer ChunarGadh and Virendra Singh but also can get Chandrakanta [Shikha Swaroop] also. In return, Chandi should be declared as a king of a state he wanted to. Pt. Jagannath affirms him that he will try to arrange his meeting with Shiv Dutt as soon as possible but asks Chandi that he is a pundit and he don’t have to dream to become a king. Though , Chandi asked him that he is having the destiny to become a king.

ParamVeer [Shiva] meets queen Chandraknata and conveys the message that Chandi is trying betray Virendra Singh. Chandrakanta gets angry and asks him to capture Chandi. Virendra Singh comes and asks that Chandi couldn’t do that. It was he, who not only played a vital role in their victory over Shiv Dutt but also helped and advised him correctly on each step then after also, in order to rule the kingdom smoothly. He thinks it could have been a trick of Chandi to confuse the opponents. But, when ParamVeer affirms that Chandi have actually betrayed by explaining what he have heard from him, Virendra Singh permits him to follow the orders of queen Chandrakanta and took Chandi into custody.

Mayajaal an aaiyar and confidante of Chandi, meets him to warn him that there are orders from the queen to capture him and the soldiers of ChunarGadh can be there at any moment to took him to the custody. Chandi tells her that he seems got succeed into his plan. Now there will a very special place for him in Shiv Gadh. The soldiers comes and captures Chandilal after some time. In Shiv Gadh, Pt. Jagannath gets the news of Chandi’s capture and worries about him. He then decides to meet Badrinath [Mamik] as the solution of the problem. He explains the situation to Badrinath and asks him to get released Chandinath from the jail of ChunarGadh, Badri accepts the challenge.

Here in ChunarGadh jail, ParamVeer Singh meets Chandi and asks that now he cannot leave the custody till his death as the result to betray king Virendra Singh. Chandi though keeps cool and asks Param that he is too small to understand his plans. There were people who are trying to get him released from the jail and any time he will be out soon. When Badri was leaving for his mission, he was encountered with Krur Singh who tells that he got a sad news, that Damini is seen is recent past in the jungles of BhedaGhat with Abhimanyu Singh. Badri got angry and was not ready to believe that Damini, once ready to die for him is now the companion of his enemy.

Rajendra Gupta and Vinod Kapoor are the most convincing actors through out. Shikha plays her part well. The actress playing MayaJaal failed to convince by all the means. Shiva needs to work on his dialog delivery even more. Shailendra Singh gets better but he have a far to go. Mamik is good. Others are passable. In short costly and larger then life sets, attractive but poor costumes, good story base supported with convincing acts by a few actors and poor show by others makes it a must see for melodrama lovers who prefer splendid set up quality acting and content.

Here is the episode to watch for you all.

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